Under Siege in Seattle

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At some point, we all knew technology and the underbelly of college sports would converge into one sickening mass. It’s happened.

Thanks the Seattle Times, a scum alum has been exposed. Based on two emails sent to University of Washington president Mark Emmert – the first on, Oct. 30, the latter on Nov. 29 – and obtained via public record by the Seattle Times, Ed Hansen, a lawyer, developer, banker, 1966 graduate of the university’s law school and former mayor of Everett, Wash., said he’d donate $100,000 to the school if head football coach Tyrone Willingham was fired. He also offered to donate another $100,000 if athletic director Todd Turner was fired.

Here are the contents of the emails, as reported by the Times: In the initial email, Hansen said he’d “decided to defer establishing the law school scholarship until Ty Willingham is replaced as Husky football coach,” according to the report.

Later, Hansen went on: “By this letter I hereby pledge to contribute a minimum of $100,000 towards a law school scholarship within 90 days, conditioned upon the termination of Ty Willingham as football coach.

“In addition, I hereby pledge a second $100,000 towards a law school scholarship within 90 days, conditioned upon the termination of Todd Turner as athletic director.”

I am sure this sort of thing has gone on as long as there have been fat-cat boosters and college coaches. But damn. It’s still amazing.

The Huskies were 4-9 this past season, their third straight losing record under Willingham, who took over a program that had been in turmoil under former coach Rick Neuheisel. There have been some rumblings (aren’t there almost everywhere except, maybe , LSU?). As well as support: Seattle Seahawks running back Shaun Alexander e-mailed, saying that he’d hung out with several Husky players and was pleased “with the direction of the program and the character of the guys Ty has been bringing in … Let him finish what he started and you’ll be pleased with all your decisions.”

To his credit, Emmert, the school president is ignoring the madness. He says he ignores any financial threats or inducements related to personnel decisions. he told the newspaper that the emails are “grossly inappropriate.”

Ya think?

Watch a report on Willingham’s rehiring:


7 thoughts on “Under Siege in Seattle

  1. I’m writing a script about a college football coach and crazed boosters, so this article was gold for me. You literally can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Phil says:

    I couldn’t help but notice this story was published in “College FB Race Matters Sports and Culture” but it was never completely clear as to why this is even being discussed in a racial context.

    Are you trying to insinuate that this was racially motivated? There are dozens of universities where this type of crap goes on and the coaches are not African-American.

    Please keep issues that have nothing to do with race in their proper context.

  3. Roy S. says:

    If I didn’t SAY it, Phil, don’t try to say I insinuate it. You are probably right in that this goes on around the nation. But the publishing of the exact emails by the Seattle Times made this unique – that’s all. Relax. Thanks for the comment.

  4. blueollie says:

    here is what I don’t understand: Why did Willingham do well at Sanford, but then flop later?

    Is it because his coaching style better relates to smart players?

  5. mylosh says:

    I can’t understand why CFB fans get so antsy so quick. Charlies Weis had his only good seasons with Willingham’s recruit (ie Brady). Also didn’t Urban Meyer win his national title with Zook’s (black QB)

    I agree though that this isn’t like those idiots down in MS who wanted to fire croom after like 1 day

    Its more seattle fans just being really dumb, a common trait here

    I wanna like The huskies cuz I have season tickets and they are my local team but most of their fans are not so bright or friendly. They’re not as nice as USC or Browns fans

    Did this guy even watch any of the games? I watched all of them and they were working with a FR QB and they hung in there against the likes of Hawaii and Ohhio State. and the PAC 10 schedule is brutal

    anyways I did however once see an RV with a purple and gold Purple Gold Stars and Bars , i’m like buddy those guys don’t like yankees what do you think they’re feeling is about sushi eating, ramen sipping people in the northwest

    way off topic but when’s an article on The Wire gonna come up roy?


  6. Daryl says:

    Roy, I agree with Phil only if Mr. Hansen made the same offer to the university president to have the previous coach fired. If he didn’t, I will not agree with Phil. Therefore, I conclude that race is a factor. As you can see, I really do not agree with Phil. Smile

  7. kevin says:

    I have a feeling that this sort of thing goes on all the time in big-time college football. People with deep pockets think they can determine outcomes, and the sad thing is, they often can. Glad to see Willingham given another shot, but if he wants to keep the job, the Huskies need to win now.

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