Get Well, Mike

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Michael Wilbon, a good friend, suffered a mild heart attack today. He suffered chest pains around 3 a.m. Monday morning while at his second home in Scottsdale, Az. Thankfully, his wife rushed him to a local hospital. Doctors found minor blockage and conducted an angioplasty to clear things out. He’s doing okay now, he told me tonight from the hospital.

I called him simply to leave a message, but he answered the telephone. “Do I have to cuss you out for answering the phone?” I said.

He started laughing.

“Now, stop laughing!” I added.

“I’m feeling good,” he said. “Thanks for calling. I really appreciate it.”

You may know Michael from ESPN or the Washington Post.

Tonight, I am telling you he’s just a good friend – a long time colleague in the struggle – who is in my prayers.


31 thoughts on “Get Well, Mike

  1. Wow. No joke, but I need to get my behind in shape and start eating right.

  2. carl prather says:

    Get well Bro. You are one of the few voices of reason in the media and you, and alone with Peter Gammons, are truly loved and respected by professionals if not by the team owners. You and your partner in crime at PTI are real pros. when it comes to reporting on sports and sports personalities. You don’t dump on players like many of the reporters who can’t even shoot marbles. Roy is a good fella also. There are some reporters who need to get a life. But you, my Bro., are one of the greatest because you tell it like it is. Also, you are a Chicago legand and I not saying this because you are my homie, I’m saying this because I am doing what you would do: tell it like it is. GOD Bless.

  3. Angela Watts says:

    I got a text from Mike late Monday night saying the same thing — that he is doing well and can’t believe that everyone is so worried about him. But we worry because we care. Mike was a colleague of mine for more than a decade at the Post … and he’ll be a cherished and respected friend for life.

  4. Kelly Carter says:

    I spoke to Mike too and he sounded quite well. He can’t wait to return to work. Just like Mike. But here’s hoping he takes it easy for just a couple of weeks and then permanently adjusts his lifestyle to try to prevent another heart attack. The work will always be there for you Mike. Don’t worry about becoming another Wally Pipp. You’re too talented and have too many fans clamoring to read your words and/or hear your opinion. How many times have I called you from a bar, with some inebriated soul seated next to me, impressed that I know THE Mike Wilbon, begging to talk to you? You are incredible! And I want your health to be as well. You’re in my prayers.

  5. wayne d. says:

    Mike Wilbon, rest, get well, stay well.

  6. Rochelle Riley says:

    Mike: Stay well and know that friends you haven’t seen for a while still keep you in our hearts and want you well! And thank you, my friend Roy, for letting us know!

  7. Rochelle Riley says:

    Mike: Please know that friends you haven’t seen in a while have you in our hearts! Stay well and be back soon! And thank you, my friend Roy, for letting us know! Rochelle Riley

  8. G.. Vecsey says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with a friend and colleague I admire so much.
    Mike, take your time, but we miss you.
    George Vecsey

  9. Eddie says:


    You’re the reason I watch PTI. Eat right and stay healthy. Hope to see you soon.

  10. huddy says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike. Get well soon!

  11. My prayers go out to Mike.

    We are all approaching that age where our lifetime habits, genetics etc come home to roost. We should all take this as an impetus to lose that extra 10 lbs, start that exercise regimen, and commit to a lifestyle change that includes DAILY aerobic excercise. Most of you know that I am a bit of fitness nut, but I think of it as taking out a warranty on my life. Remember some exercise is better than nothing.

  12. Howie says:

    MIke WIlbon is by far the most engaging sportswriter I have read, and he has made PTI a must watch for me everyday. Ironically I run in the treadmill when PTI is on. Thanks Mike for helping me stay informed and in shape. You do the same after you recover from this health mishap. I am a PA for a Cardiologist and this will be overcome with a healthy lifestyle. Your the best Mike. Get well.

  13. […] Sure enough, courtesy of good friend, Roy S. Johnson, Wilbon indeed suffered a minor heart attack.  […]

  14. Mark Wangrin says:


    Get well soon. Love telling all those great Wilbon stories from NU — like the road trip to Michigan and Michigan State with Roger that remains a classic. (You remember, you singing Commodores songs, almost ripping the gas nozzle off the pump, giving your list of people you don’t like, etc.).

    All the best to a guy who deserves all the success he’s gotten.


  15. Neil Foote says:

    Jane, Alex and I send you our best… Get your rest and eat well. We need you around … Who is Tony K going to yell at? Take care…

  16. Charles L. Freeman says:


    Take your time, get your rest, enjoy Arizona (and your wife) and come back ONLY when the doctor says it’s okay.

    God bless you and yours.

    Charles Freeman, Los Angeles

  17. […] longtime columnist for the Washington Post and co-host of PTI (arguably the best show on TV) is reporedtly recovering from a heart attack.  Wilbon, 49, complained to his wife of having chest pains early Monday morning.  He was taken to […]

  18. Leah says:

    Mike, you scoundrel. Stay well. Love, lylatimer.

  19. Leon Wynter says:

    Straighten up; we cannot afford to lose ONE brother who can ALWAYS be counted on to tell it like it is, without fear or favor, as is our calling.

    Get all the way well, soon.


  20. Kathleen says:

    So Mike, I hear red wine is good for the heart. Maybe its time to start thinking about having a glass or two 😉

    I’m hoping you are feeling well today and your continued health is foremost in my thoughts!


  21. Daryl says:

    Get well Michael. You have a fine friend in Brother Roy!

  22. Mike Wilbon says:

    I can’t possibly thank everybody enough for their kind wishes and words of support the last couple of days…starting with Roy S. Johnson (I always have to say his entire name)…A heart attack, even a mild one, is nothing to treat cavalierly so I probably won’t work at all this week and a major lifestyle change is in order, starting yesterday. But I do feel better, as I sit and write from a Scottsdale hospital…I’m lucky it wasn’t much worse, and I’m grateful to Roy and so many of you for simply being there to pick a brotha up. My Uncle Cecil in Cleveland has a saying that captures how I feel about being surrounded by such wonderful people: “You fill me so full.” You do, and it means more than I can put into words…thanks.

  23. Ken says:

    Hey Mike,

    Get well soon. Many don’t get a warning…it’s one and done. Hope things go well in the future.

  24. illest says:

    Get well soon Mike. When I heard this I was reminded of the great Ralph Wiley. There are not many black sportswriters and you are the best writers period. Hope things go well and you live another 50 years because guys like yourself, Roy, Whitlock, Rhoden, and the few others are very very important.

  25. David Weinstein says:


    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do what the doctors tell you and don’t push it. Next time the Pollins send something ask them where the cake is.

    Take it easy and stay well,


  26. Daniel Leavy says:

    Hey Mike. My sister Kathleen Leavy told me to check this out and that you’d been ill. Hopefully you will get well soon. I love PTI and you are the reason. You usually make more sense than any other sports analyst. Be easy.

    Dan Leavy

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