Clemens’ Next Start is Already Tainted

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The Hollywood writers reached a settlement just when we didn’t need them. You couldn’t a script any more compelling than what you’ll see tomorrow live from Capital Hill! That’s when Roger Clemens will commence to stare down his performance-juice nemesis (and former friend) Brian McNamee before a congressional committee and a curious national audience.

Zap the popcorn, baby, this one will be a show.

Or will it? I can’t imagine hearing thing any more compelling that what we already know – McNamee saying he stabbed Roger in the butt with juice; Clemens saying he’d be growing an ear in the middle of his forehead if he’d used the stuff; McNamee calling his former BFF and almost tearfully wondering what was going on; Clemens recording the whole thing and playing it for us; McNamee showing us seven-year-old syringes and gauze he says contains Roger’s DNA and residue of God knows what; Roger glad-handing with your local Congressmen; and McNamee saying even Mrs. Rogers asked for a juice boost before an SI Swimsuit shoot!

You could not write a better script.

In fact, unless Roger’s head explodes in anger and he tossed a chair leg at a Congressman, the most compelling moments will like come early when the former BFFs are seated in relative proximity to each other and asked to raise their right hand. Otherwise, we’ll hear more of what we’ve already heard: He did, I didn’t, He did, I didn’t, He did …

Frankly, I do not know who’s telling the truth (and I’m coming pretty close to not caring). One man is adament, the other defiant.

Clemens either never took juice, or he’s convinced himself to his soul that the needles that were jabbed into his but contained fruit juice or some such.

But this is what I cannot understand: What would McNamee gain from lying? There’s been no evidence or conjecture that the feds pressured him to give up Clemens or go to jail. Short of that, why would this guy ruing his life by lying? He’s lost a best friend. He’s lost his livelihood. He’s lost his stature within the sports community. His family is suffering.

What’s his gain?

That’s the question that keeps me thinking that this just cannot end well for Roger.

Then again, I have not peeked at the script that will be played out tomorrow.

Pass the popcorn.

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