Orlando Magic Dwight Howard makes a dunk wearing a superman ...

He’s a video-game; he’s not a real damn person.

I quit my job. and I’m leavin’.

He’s got two of the top five dunks in NBA history.

I gotta stand up for this one.

This is not a good idea …

Let’s go home.

Height was once a negative. Tall guys just weren’t as dramatic. They couldn’t jump as high/ And even if they did, it just didn’t look as good as the little guy skyin’. Think Spud Webb. Think Dee Brown. Even ‘Nique was only 6’7″.

Those days are done.

Dwight Howard is re-writing the script. Just as Doctor J did. Just as MJ, Spud, Vince Carter and, well, no one else did. At 6-11 he’s now the tallest Slam Dunk King. And not just because of that g0tta-live-him smile. But because of his creativity.

He was Superman. He was Kreskin. He was anything he wanted to be.

He made the television commentators -as quoted above – lose their minds,

Howard dunked from behind the backboard. He dunked wearing a Superman cape. And he dunked by taking the ball from another rim and ramming it through.

This must be said: Gerald Green, whom Howard vanquished in the finals, was no slouch, In fact, his “birthday cake” dunk was a gem. I think the judges missed it, just like they missed D-How’s sticker dunk last year. He literally blew out the candle on a cupcake sitting atip the rim as he dunked. But it was too fast fir the naked eye, and it looks like at least three judges – Darryl Dawkins, ‘Nique and Karl Malone – missed it. They gave his 8’s and 9s.

What did they see? Obviously not what those of us at home saw.

Nonetheless, Dwight Howard, at 6-11, owned the night. Big.

Minnesota Timberwolves Gerald Green performs a dunk in his socks ...
Green also slammed in his stocking feet. Not as easy as you think, said Doctor J.
Reuters Sat Feb 16, 11:15 PM ET

One thought on “D-How…Wow

  1. Birthday cake was a highlight keeper that becomes more appreciated with each highlight. But Superman was Slam Dunk Hall of Fame worthy. I stood up in my own house and my wife declared me crazy yet again as I hooted and hollered.

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