Foxx in the Hole

Dear voters of North Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District: What the hell were you thinking?

This is your national representative? This is in whom you’ve entrusted the care of your neighborhoods and well-being?

Virginia (no kin to Red) Foxx is your choice?

God help you.

We all know by now that this week’s show in Washington was an absolute waste. Even the congressmen know it. We learned nothing by watching Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee “yes, sir” and “no, sir” us to boredom. Not a thing.

Or maybe that at one of them may be the absolute best liar on the planet. My vote’s on the big guy.

We also learned that some of the people who represent us are worthless. Okay, I had never heard of Re. Virginia Foxx before this week. Didn’t know she was even on the committee. She may bring more pork to her district than Jimmy Dean, for all I know. But when she spoke up at the hearing, it jolted me from my stupor:

“Mr. Clemens, you know,” he began. “I am not an expert in any of these issues.” As I turned to look I saw she was sitting in front of some blown-up images of Clemens pitching, blowups that look like they were done at the do-it-yourself section at Staples. “but you appear to me to be about the same size in all of those photos. Maybe you’d like to say something about how hard you work at keeping yourself in shape and how that would result in the stamina and body build that you have.”

I almost gagged in my office. Did I hear the congresswoman correctly? This was beyond a softball. It was a beachball lobbed from 12 feet. It was so silly even Clemens didn’t quite know how to react.

Truthfully, the pictures she showed, which the congresswoman said were taken before and after Clemens allegedly used steroids, didn’t look that much different. But, geez, those wouldn’t have even passed for show-and-tell in my daughter’s fifth-grade class. If I’d know the lady wanted picks I would have given her the ones I found (above), which show two very different Rogers.

Hey, we all know pics mean nothing. I laughed at all the bobble-head pics people found of Barry Bonds and tried to use as “evidence” that he used steroids. So this is offered tongue firmly planted in cheek, as well.

These pics mean nothing. The Bonds pics mean nothing. The hearings meant nothing.

And Rep. Virginia Foxx is nothing but an embarrassment to our nation.

North Carolina’s Tax Dollars Burned and Shredded


2 thoughts on “Foxx in the Hole

  1. You know, every time I watch a Congressional hearing about sports, I’m struck by how out of touch the reps are. And I pretty scared because if they’re not informed about something that’s easy to follow, how informed are they about really difficult issues like tax policy and other issues?

  2. Amen! says:

    If you want to help end the embarrassment, and move Foxx into retirement, consider donating to Roy Carter, her opponent! Roy Carter is a retired coach and educator who knows the problems facing modern sports first-hand. He’s even got a statement on his website concerning the Roger Clemens.

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