SI Swimsuit Deja-Vu?

2008 Swimsuit Cover
I have nothing but love for my former colleagues at SI, but when I saw the cover of this year’s swimsuit issue last week, I said” “Huh? Haven’t I seen this before?”
Indeed, this year’s addition – featuring veteran SI model Marissa Miller in the U.S. Virgin Islands – is strangely reminiscent of the 2000 cover (below) with Daniela Pestova, which was shot in Malaysia.
If this was an homage, a tribute to that 2000 cover, it was not clear.
If it wasn’t….


4 thoughts on “SI Swimsuit Deja-Vu?

  1. Wow, it is. And not that I was looking, okay I was, but weren’t they a bit hamhanded with the airbrushing on the breasts?

  2. Neil says:

    If you’re a red-blooded male and your mind goes to airbrushing or comparative SI covers while you’re looking at either one of those pictures, then there is something very wrong…. With you.

    {Not that either comment above is wrong, but sheesh…}

  3. ben says:

    When they unveiled it on Letterman, first thing that ran thru my head was the earlier cover. Was awfully hot in 2000, awfully redundant in 2008. At least it was a model on the cover this year.

  4. sidmel says:

    I know Roy is going to say… “It’s a money maker!” But truthfully, as a sister who is into sports… every time this issue comes out… all I can say is “WHY??????”

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