NCAA Selection Show: The Remake

The NCAA Selection show is boring. Oh sure there’s drama. What’s better than watching groups of young men in sweats watching television? Frankly, a lot.

The show announcing which teams qualify for the NCAA Tournament and where they play could be so much better. It should be better. In this Reality TV era, you can’t tell me someone can’t do something with a show with a such a captive audience and so much on the line – coaches’ futures and young men’s dreams.

Here’s one thought:

Let’s face it. All the action really happens behind a closed door and involves a bunch of middle-aged men in suits. First of all, give us some access to the war room. Okay, so they’ll never put cameras and mikes in there. But throughout the day, have someone come out and give us an update on what’s going on inside. Like the new coach’s sideline interview during NBA games. Just give us something.

But here’s my big move:

I think it is virtually impossible to seed 65 teams with an real degree of reality. It’s hard enough to seed 32 teams. This season, after the top, say four teams, isn’t everyone pretty much the same? Didn’t seventh-ranked Duke lose to Clemson today.And eighth-ranked Wisconson barely survived Michigan State. How do you accurately seed the rest of the field with any real certainty.

I say seed only the top eight teams in each bracket, then open the war room and seed the remaining teams with a lottery. That’s right, ping-pong balls or some such.

The machine would contain 31 balls. (The two worst teams, those in the play-in game, would be left out and the overall top seed would automatically get the winner). Each ball contains the logo of a team that qualifies for the 65-team field. That way teams still do not know if they’re in the Dance.

Standing before a big board featuring the 32 teams and their seedings in region, cheerleaders representing schools from last year’s Final Four teams (Hey, I’m trying to make TV here!) call out the names of the schools as each ball pops out of the machine and its team is placed in a regional slot.

What the worst that could happen? A No 8 seed would draw no team batter than it would have before – a No. 9 seed. And so what if a No. 1 or 2 seed draws what would have been a No. 9 under the current system. Shouldn’t they beat them handily anyway?

My show has more drama, more flash, a dash of sexiness and an element of luck.

Sounds like a hit!


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