Andy Roddick’s “Big” Week

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Would you I rather put a picture of Andy here?

Andy Roddick scored big-time. He beat Roger Federer, too.

And you can’t help but wonder whether the two events are related. On Thursday, Roddick ended a string of 11 straight defeats to the greatest tennis player of this era with a 7-6 (4), 4-6, 6-3 in the quarterfinals of the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, FL. This momentous feat followed by two days the announcement that Roddick was engaged to swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker.


I say not. Behind every good man …well, you know the rest.

Roddick has long been good as a tennis player. But I’m one who’s long thought that he could have – should have – been better. Maybe even great. Four years ago, he won the U.S. Open and finished No. 1 in the world – the first American to do so since Andre Agassi in 1999. But I bet you don’t even remember those feats, do you?

Most folks don’t. Not even many tennis fans. What they remember is how he handled it: Like maybe a 21-year-old.

In a sense he became a victim of our over-the-top celebrity age. He started dating starlets (Nothing wrong with that, but maybe practice time suffered?) and began being seen more in the tabloids than in sports mags. He hosted Saturday Night Live. He did the talk-show circuit. He filmed an ESPN commercial.

In short, he enjoyed every minute of his “moment.”

Trouble was, there was this guy named Roger Federer out there. And while Roddick was doin’ Sunset Boulevard, the elegant Swiss was becoming great. Very quickly, Roddick’s good just wasn’t good enough.

Although the American has maintain a respectable top-ten ranking (he’s currently sixth), he’s been eclipsed by Federer’s immense greatness. Roddick has yet to win another Grand Slam. He’s finished runner-up three times, each time losing to you-know-how.

This week, we learned, Roddick is settling down. Man, is he! (Check out his fiance’s SI swimsuit portfolio here).

Anyone who’s got a good woman knows the benefits – on many levels. Most importantly, a good woman allows you to focus on being the best man you can be. Maybe even a great man.

Perhaps Andy Roddick is finally on his way.


5 thoughts on “Andy Roddick’s “Big” Week

  1. daranee says:

    Actually, I would have preferred a picture of Andy Roddick.

    What I loved about Andy in 1999 was how on the surface his emotions were. Watching him play was so exciting because you always knew exactly what he was feeling.

    It’s a pity he happened to be at his prime when Federer was also at his prime. I think the young-uns will prevent Roddick from getting another Grand Slam though.

  2. David says:

    Let’s not get too excited here. Just because he beat Federer means he’s on his way to being “great” and that winning over Federed was caused by his being engaged to this model. Did you post this blog too soon? Cuz last time I heard he was defeated during his next match against Davydenko – in straight sets! So let’s not hype again a win by Roddick over Federer – a second win against, what, 15 losses? Just look at Mardy Fish, he beat Federer too and lost immediately in the first round of this tournament. Funny you didn’t blog that he too was on his way to being great.
    And let’s face the fact – ANDY RODDICK IS A ONE-SLAM WONDER! – just like Gaston Gaudio, Carlos Moya and Juan Carlos Ferrero. He is these Latinos’/Spaniards’ hardcourt version of their one-time success in Roland Garros. Nothing personal, just stating the obvious here. At least that arrogant Aussie and that mental Russion had TWO grandslams. 🙂
    And P.S.: “Would you I rather put a picture of Andy here?” shoud be “Would you RATHER I put a picture of Andy here?” And to answer that question… NOPE. I would rather you put a picture of Novak or Nadal… or any of the FIVE players ranked above Roddick. 🙂

  3. anthem says:

    I love Andy Roddick and I am so happy that he finally beat Federer, it makes tennis exciting again. Tennis was boring with that Swiss robot killing it. That model Roddick got engaged to seems to be doing wonders for him so congrats! They’ll make beautiful babies.

  4. daranee says:

    “At least that arrogant Aussie and that mental Russion had TWO grandslams.”

    I love Marat Safin. Pity he’s on the decline.

  5. I think it’s funny that he first found her by looking at the Sports Illustrated calender and asked his agent to get him her phone #. I guess it’s all worked out since they officially now getting married in 2009. The only problem is, like most women, the positive effects are temporary.

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