Congrats, Clark

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Clark Kellogg was always about patience. Well, maybe not always.

Before the knee injury that hanged his life, Clark was just another pogo-stick baller. A very good pogo-stick baller (Big Ten Player of the Year, a 20/10 guy or three seasons in the NBA), he was one of the premier power forwards of the pre-Barkley Era.

Then early during the 85-86 season, he shattered his knee. That’s when Kellogg began to learn patience. That’s when he began to reshape his life beyond ball.

Perhaps grudgingly, of course. But he played only 19 games that season and foux the next, before retiring for good.

Without patience, we might not ever heard of Clark Kellogg again. He might have been just another had-been limping around his hometown.

Instead, Kellogg, nearly 20 years after his “retirement,” has achieved a coup: He is replacing Billy Packer as the lead analyst fro CBS Sports college basketball coverage. In 27 years as CBS acerbic voice of college hoops, Packer had called every Final Four since 1975.

The 2009 Final Four will be called by Special K, who for 16 years had been a studio analyst for the network.


Patience and hard work that allowed Kellogg to earn the chair alongside Jim Nantz. Even Packer admitted to today, the day he got the boot, that Kellogg “worked his trade” (meaning TV). And Packer called him a “smart guy” and wished him “nothing but the best.”

Wow, if Packer had been that glowing as an analyst he might still have the gig.


One thought on “Congrats, Clark

  1. trey tippens says:

    A great and classy move by CBS Sports. Too bad many more people do not recall his talent on the court as well as his solid broadcasting for the college basketball game.

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