Can We Now End This?

Brett says hello. Now can we say goodbye to all this mess?

Brett says hello. Now can we say goodbye to all this mess?

Okay, Packers, Brett: You are officially on the clock.

And we’re talking a very tightly wound clock, one with only a few ticks remaining until it explodes.

Like my head is about to do over the way you guys have hijacked us over the last month.

He wants to play. He doesn’t want to play.

The Packers don’t want him. But they do, just not to play.

And Aaron Rogers says, it’s my team now.

It’s been Sports Fans Held Hostage, Day 35 (or somesuch; I’ve lost count.)

Roger Goodell, thankfully, is trying to put us all out of our misery. By reinstating Brett Favre on Monday he’s essentially saying he’s sick of the madness, too.

Make a decision, Brett.

Either play (and stop whining about where you play) or take the Packers’ $20 mill to become the highest-paid greeter on the planet.

And Packers, if Brett decides to play, take your second-round pick (or second-round pick and Jets QB Chad Pennington, please) and let him go.

Even if he goes to a division or conference rival, so what? Play your game and let the Favre fall where it may. How much harm can he do in a season, maybe (but highly unlikely) two seasons?

This has dragged on too long for me. Brett Favre is a great QB. But let’s not lose perspective here. Is he among the top five greatest QBs ever? If you had to have one drive to win the Super Bowl would you choose him over Unitas, Elway, Montana, Brady, Staubach, Baugh, Aikman, Graham or Manning (Peyton)?

In fact, he may not even be the best Packer QB ever. Bart Starr anyone?

None of this is meant to diminish or demean the gun-slinging Favre. He’s been wonderful entertainment and his mettle is unquestioned.

But whether we see him another season or not does not deserve all this drama and angst.

Heck, they couldn’t even get 300 people in Green Bay to demand his resinstatement as the Packer starter. And if they don’t care that much, why should we?

Packers, Brett: Call the play and run it.


2 thoughts on “Can We Now End This?

  1. mista says:

    Yeah I am tired of the Brett Favre saga also. I was tired of it when he first said he was coming back. The pundits on ESPN seems to think this man is a football GOD. They keep saying how can the Packers do this to him. Brett is not in the class of Joe Montana and the 49ers parted ways with him. When it comes done to T.O, Chad Johnson and others the pundits are always critical of them. But now the ring is on Brett’s finger and somehow the rules are different.

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