Joe Torre Got What He Deserved (So did the Yankees)

Torre's still blue, but this shade is so much nicer


I wish Joe Torre weren’t such a nice guy. I wish he weren’t so magnanimous, so comforting, so grandfatherly.

I wish he weren’t all those things because I am just dying to know how he really feels about the twists and turns that brought him to Chavez ravine after 12 seasons (and four World Series rings) in the Bronx. To the Yankee brass – specifically the Steinbrenner heirs – he was all those things, and it was a bad thing.

Joe Torre was too nice, too magnanimous, too comforting, too grandfatherly. He was simply too Joe for the Yankees.

So they let him go, in a very passive aggressive way, by offering him the now-infamous $6 million one-year-win-the-World-Series-or-die deal. It was a wimp’s way of saying: Get out.

Now the Yankees, beset with injuries and a bullpen that couldn’t close a car door, are done. They’re 10 games out in the AL East, 5.5 back in the in Wild card. Done.

Joe, meanwhile is relaxed (as he always was) and tanned. His freshman season at the Dodgers’ helm is shaping up to be a success. The Dodgers are tied with the D-Backs for the NL West lead and Torre is still welcoming reinforcements. Just weeks after the arrival of Manny Ramirez, Greg Maddux has arrived. Aged but still Maddux, the former Cy Young winner provides some relief for the loss of Brad Penny.

Too bad Joe is such a nice guy.

If he weren’t, if he were like the rest of us, he’d be walking around with a permanent smirk and saying the Yankees got what they deserved for treating him the way they did.

He’d let out a belly laugh each time someone said “Yankees.”

But he’s not that guy.

So all we get is this: “They’ve had a rough go over there,” he said recently. “They’ve been banged up real good, and they’re starting to run out of games.”

Oh, well. I guess it’ll have to do. Too bad. C’mon, Joe. What do you really think?

Whatever your private thoughts and feelings might be, you deserve them.


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