John Daly’s No Longer Funny-Ha-Ha. Not Even Close

Not a good luck - not even for Daly

Not a good luck - not even for Daly

The End.

When will it come for John Daly?

More important, how will it come?

The images conjured by the mind’s eye after hearing the words “Hooters,” “John Daly” and “drunk” are as tragic as they are comical. I could only laugh upon hearing the legendary golfer (legendary for his golf prowess? Not so much.) had simply been forced to sleep off his latest binge at the Winston-Salem hoosegow after passing out at a Hooters and needing treatment by EMS workers.

Well, I’m through laughing. John Daly isn’t funny any more. I’m tired of watching a tale whose ending seems so ordained that the mere question – Did you hear about John Daly? – makes my heart sink.

We all need to stop laughing, really. We need to stop laughing at the Bunyonesqe binges, the bad-boy behavior on the golf course and the silly off-course antics – such as his shirtless golf exhibition that is a You Tube hit:

Not funny any more. Not when he ends up in a stop on the floor at Hooters.

Daly long ago crossed the line from harmless good-old boy to tragedy-in-waiting. And we’ve been voyeurs to the journey, sometimes laughing and cheering him on; other times feeling more embarrassed for him than he was clearly feeling for himself.

Now we’ve all got to stop laughing because the way things are going in the tragedy/comedy that is John Daly, this ending will not be funny at all.


2 thoughts on “John Daly’s No Longer Funny-Ha-Ha. Not Even Close

  1. Lawrence says:

    I know man, but damn, that shirt less golf is damn funny. I have to roll like my wife. She says that grown folks are responsible for themselves and he’s making bad choices. Daly has always been a train wreck and you simply can’t take your eyes off of him. And the sad part is that the minute we stop taking our eyes off of him, I’ll bet he’ll find a lower spot than he is now. Take a look at Mike Tyson for a vision of the future.

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