Plax’ and Stephon Should Have to Play for Mike Singletary

What Would Singletary Do with Plax' and Steph?

What Would Singletary Do with Plax

Plaxico Burress needs to chat with Vernon Davis. So does Stephon Marbury. The San Francisco 49ers tight end can tell the two players a thing about the meaning of life – as a professional athlete. He can tell them what they need to know if they want to preserve that life and all the perks that come with it.

He can tell them about Mike Singletary.

Davis’ crash course in “Life According to Singletary” was played out before the world when he was sent to his (locker) room like a petulant child during Singletary’s first game as interim coach of the woeful 49ers. Davis had been lazy, irascible and aloof. In short, he had been Vernon Davis.  But in his first Sunday as an NFL head coach, a Sunday that had been too long in coming, Singletary wasn’t having it. He tossed Davis from the game like a short-fused referee.

It was the coach’s most public display on a day when he also pulled down his pants in front of his team at halftime to illustrate a point, very graphically, about how he felt his team was playing.

Clearly, there was a new sheriff in town.

Singletary was the, uh, butt of many jokes following that tirade and locker-room show. Some said it showed the man who embodied passion and fire as a player didn’t have the temperament to be a head coach. Some said his “act” wouldn’t play in, say, New York, where the media is supposedly more scrutinizing.{YSP: MORE}

I took the other side. Not only was Singletary’s act just what the pitiful 49ers needed, but it’s one that should be spread like pixie dust – or more appropriately, football-sized hail – over all of sports. Some might call it old school, but whatever the case, his message has resonated.

On Sunday, the 49ers once again displayed some of the spirit, passion and purpose embodied by their acting coach. They beat the once playoff-bound Bills 10-3 in Buffalo to become the first West Coast team to win in the Eastern time zone all season. They did it by playing more cohesively defensively and smarter all the way around. It was no gem, mind you, but for a team that was the antithesis of the 49ers glory teams, it was a step in the preferred direction; one that validates the Singletary way.

“As a player, you want to be challenged,” said 49ers linebacker Takeo Spikes following the game. “And as a player if you don’t like to be challenged, or if you’re getting called out, whether or not you’re doing something wrong and you’re getting fined for it, I mean, your’re no good.”

Right now, Burress and Marbury are no good.They should talk to Vernon Davis. And pray Mike Singletary doesn’t get to them first.

Photo courtesy of Associated Press


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