Fight On, Evander!

Fight on, Evander! Yeah, I know you’re 46 years old. I know that after 53 fights you’re not quite the warrior you once were. (Not even close, actually.) I also know the down side of fighting too long. Boxing is not kind to its aging kings.

That said, Fight on.

It’s your call, your choice. Your life.

Your’ve got mouths to feed (11 Holyfield kids, at least), and a monster mortgage. I’ve driven by your spread in suburban Atlanta many, many times. I can’t even imagine how much it costs to cut the grass and heat the place, let alone pay the monthly note.

Fight on, Evander.

And you’re living there with your fourth wife, right?

Please. Fight on.

A lot of people are a ‘sad’ about your December 20 title bout against Nikolay “The Russian Giant” Valuev (49-1, 34 KOs) in Zurich. They think you shouldn’t fight any more, that you’re risking serious injury, that you’re about to become boxing’s next punch-drunk poster child. Valuev is the two-time reigning World Boxing Association title holder. You’ve won the world heavyweight belt (or one of them) four times, more than any other man. You want five?

Fight on, Evander.

Fight on because, well, it’s boxing.  Some guys (Lennox Lewis, Marvin Hagler and Rocky Marciano, for instance) leave just after their prime and before they become punching bags for younger, usually ordinary fighters. Others (most, actually) fight on and on and on and….they do it not only because they can but because fans will still pay to watch.

Take the recent fight between the legendary Oscar De La Hoya and rising star Manny Pacquiao. At 35, De La Hoya was no match for Pacquino. And yet 1.25 million people paid to watch, generating about $70 million in revenue. Why deprive the million who’ll no doubt pay $24.95 to watch you fight, even if your opponent was, well, your grandmother?

Fight on, Evander.

Do it because I love the theater – as absurd as it may be. That’s what it is now, theater. I read somewhere that you’re going for the “record” for defeating the biggest man ever for the heavyweight title.  Valuev is seven feet tall and 320 pounds, said to be the biggest cat ever to wear a heavyweight belt. I don’t know who tracks such things but if Valuev says he’s the biggest of the ‘heavies’ that’s fine with me. You’re 6’ 2 ½” and about 215 pounds.

Fight on, Evander.

another thing: I hate it when people talk about you in the past tense. As in he was such a warrior, he was such a great champion, he had a great heart or he was one of the best. No matter what you’ve done after leaving your prime in the dust, or since you’ve begun to speak and move and jab a tad slower, it will not diminish the fighter who at his peak epitomized a champion’s heart. You are still that Evander (Real Deal) Holyfield.

Fight on.


2 thoughts on “Fight On, Evander!

  1. jtsneaks says:

    He actually fought and fought very well! I did not see the fight but from what I have read he got short changed by many of the judges. Plenty of experts thought that he should have won. Not bad for an old guy!

  2. 46 years old is a little old to keep fighting on =)

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