Tiger’s Next Swing Should Be On the First Tee.

This may sound strange coming from a journalist, but I hope the next sound I hear coming from Tiger Woods is the thwack of his driver against a Nike golf ball on the first tee of a PGA Tour tournament.
I don’t want to hear any more apologies.
No more sorrys.
No Oprah, Costas or anyone. If Mark Steinberg called me and said Tiger wanted to talk to me tomorrow, I’d say, “No!” (Okay, no I wouldn’t, but you get my point.)
Like many others I criticized Tiger et al for refusing to answer questions last Friday. But his near 19-minute statement, I, frankly, don’t want to know anything else except when he’s going to tee it up again.
I don’t care why he did what he did. I don’t need to hear his dissect his soul.
I don’t even care anymore what happened that night inside the house.
And I believe most reasonable people don’t care either.
This was not a crime (Vick, etc.), nor did Tiger compromise or insult his sport (A-Rod, McGwire, etc.) What happened then and now, and what happens tomorrow, is between the Woods.
None of my business.
And none of yours.
So complete your rehab, Tiger, get back in the gym, hit the practice range, tee it up and smack it right down the fairway.
That’s all I want to see.


One thought on “Tiger’s Next Swing Should Be On the First Tee.

  1. SAC says:

    Let this young man grieve for his father and work through his martial issues in private. I don’t need to know all the details.

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