The Day Dream “Team” Will Be Tested

It won't be easy for the best two of the Day Dream Trio

If LeBron James opens his mouth and tells Jim Gray “Miami” tonight – as it looks like he will – some folks will believe that David Stern will book his flight for Miami next spring, and order that the Larry O’Brien trophy be engraved with “Miami Heat, 2010-11 NBA Champions.”
I am not among them. Neither are Kobe, KG, Carlos, KD or even Amar’e. And a host of other, inside the NBA and out.
D-Wade, Bosh and LBJ did what they said they would do. They essentially picked their own playground team, deciding that their Day Dream trio could go onto the court with any three guys and win the NBA title.
Their experiment will be a great test of whether players are as good at being GMs as they think.
It’ll also test the word “team,” as they not only try and mesh their varied and prodigious skills but also try to elevate a roster that will be filled out with “minimum” guys. Guys with talent, for sure. Maybe even guys with great talent who’ll take less $ to be part of the NBA’s Day Dream.
But consider this: Look at the rosters of the great teams that the “new” Heat are already being compared to – the Lakers, Celtics, Pistons and Sixers teams of the 80s, for starters.
Who’ll be the Heat’s Byron Scott (or Michael Cooper), Dennis Johnson (or Gerald Henderson) , Dennis Rodman (or Joe Dumars), Andrew Toney (or Bobby Jones)? Sure their not competing against those teams, but who’ll be their Rajon Rondo, “Big Baby” Davis or Tony Allen? Who’ll be there Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom or Ron Artest? Heck, who’ll be their Rashard Lewis or Jared Dudley?
The team will also certainly have its detractors. LBJ will have to battle at least semi-hostile crowds in some cities (Do I really have to name them?) for the first time in his life.
This has never happened before, and may never happen again.
Now, we’ll see if it was all worth it.


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