Daddy Cam = Mommy/Daddy Bush?

Was Cam's sig worth $200,000 to Auburn?

Oh, I bet the Heisman folks are fidgeting right about now.
The news this morning that someone – maybe or maybe not working on behalf of someone maybe or maybe not related to Auburn QB/Heisman fav Cam Newton – was telling schools it would take $200,000 to sign the player out of junior college last year really isn’t “news,” now is it?
Not just weeks after SI’s illuminating story of an agent gone wild, and in the wake of the revelations regarding Reggie Bush’s apparently lucrative days at USC, which led to USC being slapped with probation and Bush being stripped of his Heisman.
So we’ve seen this movie.
Nothing has been proven, of course, and the NCAA (God bless ’em) is investigating, which means Newton will be leading the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl before any findings are announced.
But you have to believe something is amiss. And that’s too bad because it’s already tainted a very talented and seemingly fine young man.
In many ways, agents, cash and greedy relative are college sports’ “steroids” issue.
And just as the drug saga dragged baseball into the pits before the game decided enough was enough, it will likely have to get a whole lot worse for college sports this madness ends.
If it will ever end at all.


2 thoughts on “Daddy Cam = Mommy/Daddy Bush?

  1. greg says:

    Roy I am a fellow stanford alum.
    Luck and Harbs are good for one more year for several reasons. The two have a national championship mission they are on. If the team getting Luck has no offensive line to protect him like detroit why shorten an nfl career. He wants a degree and can finish up next year. Mom does not need the new house. In fact family money makes delayed gratification a lot easier. There is a deal between our soon to be senior lineman and luck that they all stick together and kick butt take names no discussed with outsiders. Finally with the new class fill ins for defense stanford’s shelf so full several top ten teams are in the offing. In fact we have a cam newton equivalent now waiting behind luck on the team.

  2. James Ferguson says:

    Thanks Ron, for your “coffee discussion” article regarding Coach Harbaugh’s options. I played on the last victorious Stanford Rose Bowl Team in 1972. This year has been very exciting on so many levels, especially due in large part to Coach Harbaugh’s coach prowess. I truly hope they stay, i.e. Luck and Harbaugh and I will be sending this article to all of my Michigan friends.

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