Who Needs the NFL Combine? Not me!

Smoke 'em if you got 'em? Mallet ain't sayin'

I hate the NFL combine. I really do. Oh, I understand why it’s necessary. It allows teams to come together and scrutinize their future millionaires (hey, even if there is a rookie wage scale, these kids will still make more than you or me) in a controlled environment, the better to make the kind of assessment necessary before making a commitment.
I get that. Still hate the combine.
I hate it for much the same reason I hate how some companies evaluate some future employees: they focus on what the person can’t do rather than on what they can.
And usually that approach targets the most talented skill players. The QBs. The WRs. The RBs.
The Cam Newtons and Ryan Mallets.
Both young and talented QBs may have hoisted proverbial “red flags” with actions and/or comments in recent days that seemed to mitigate almost everything they did on the field on college.
Some guy from the Tennessee Titans asked Newton why he ran a QBs sneak rather than taking a knee on the final play of the national championship game.
Apparently, Newton became defensive with his response.
Frankly, I would have just showed the dude my championship ring.
Millet seems haunted by rumors that he may or may not have used drugs in college.
Another relatively obscure guy – SF 49ers GM Tony Softli told ESPN Radio: “A lot of guys are comparing Mallett to Ryan Leaf.”
Franky, Tony, I’d be more concerned if they were comparing him to Alex Smith, your former No.1 (slash bust) QB.
On Sunday, Newton missed several passes in drills, passes to receivers he’d never played with.
Uh oh, red flags.
Mallett, by contrast, played well on Sunday, emerging from the three-, four- and five-step drop drills as the top QB.
Good for him. Now can we just end the combine?
If “guys” don’t know that they know by know, they don’t know anything.

Cam Newton apparently got defensive when


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