NFL Predictions, Sunday, November 27 (Week 12)

If nothing else is certain, know that prone linemen are safe today from the cleats of Ndamukong Suh. He and the Detroit Lions are at home watching today, where Suh himself will likely be for what should be the next two Sundays.

As for the rest of the league:

Cincinnati over Cleveland

Indianapolis over Carolina (yes, the Colts, now firmly ahead on the Luck ‘stakes, will finally have a reason to smile)

Atlanta over Minnesota (If Colts get on a “run,” could Vikes sneak into the Luck Bowl?)

Houston over Jacksonville

Buffalo over Jets (NY sports talk radio is just too much fun in times like these)

Rams over Cardinals (Anyone think the Eagles should have kept Kolb now?)

Bucs over Titans (TB cannot be as bad as they’ve been this season)

Oakland over Bears (Tough to win first game after losing starting QB)

Seattle over Washington (Zzzzz)

Denver over San Diego (Elway still isn’t convinced)

Pittsburgh over Kansas City (Chiefs earlier run was a mirage)

Saints crush Giants



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