Here We Go Again: Why College Football in Dumbest Major Sport

Yes, the BCS blew it. The rematch between LSU and Alabama for the now very mythical national championship is absurd. LSU should be facing Oklahoma State (which trailed ‘Bama in the computer rankings by about a nose hair) on January 9th. Pure. Simple.

Instead, the Cowboys will play a thrilling matchup with Stanford on January 2, a game I venture will have a larger national following than the Repeat Bowl.

I’m really tired of arguing that college football should have a playoff. I don;t even feel like I’m arguing against anyone anymore. Even those die-hards who say the regular season is a playoff are mute now since it seems that game between LSU and ‘Bama a few weeks ago was a non-playoff playoff game. If it was a playoff game, the Tide would be rolling to, say, the Fiesta Bowl to meet Andrew Luck and the Cardinal.

No one is being served by the current state of college football – but the BCS and the SEC.

And that’s a shame.


One thought on “Here We Go Again: Why College Football in Dumbest Major Sport

  1. foultalk says:

    It’s pretty awful that the BCS games have come down to just putting butts in the seats. There’s no way that the Sugar Bowl shouldn’t have been No. 7 Boise State vs No. 8 Kansas State. Check out the rest of my thoughts here:

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