In Los Angeles, Who’s Golden Now?

Lucy Nicholson photo/Reuters

Who’s the best team in LA? Really.

Yes, I can now actually ask the question without having my NBA credentials revoked.

I’ll even go on the record now and say it…the Clippers.

I’m 2000 miles anyway from the giddiness and gloom that are unfolding in various Los Angeles in the wake of what is no doubt the biggest move of the NBA’s wacky offseason. But I’m as excited to see the pairing of dynamic point guard Chris Paul (acquired late last night-or was it early this morning?–from N’awlins) and the most exciting and dominating big man in the game, Blake Griffin, as if I had seats next to Billy Crystal.

I’m sure it’ll take awhile for all the Clippers new pieces to gel. (Almost lost in the buzz over the Paul move are prior signings of Caron Butler and Chauncey Billups). But in the meanwhile, “Showtime” has a new address, and by the end of the season, I predict the hungry, on-the-rise Clips will go further in the playoffs than the near-the-sunset Lakers.

Of course, my “out” is that given what’s transpired so far since we were all spared yet another gloomy-faced press conference to discuss the state of collective bargaining negotiations, about a gazillion trades could (and probably will) transpire before the trade deadline.

And no doubt, we’ll likely see an overabundance of nagging injuries due to the short training camp and preseason.

Nonetheless, in the end, Baby Brother will payback Big Bro’ for all the butt-whippings they’ve received in recent seasons.

The tide has shifted.


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