The Feds’ $6 Million (Didn’t Get Their) Man

Barry Bonds was grounded today–sort of.

That’s essentially the penalty handed down today by U.S. District Judge Susan Illston in the seemingly never-ending perjury case against baseball’s home run king.

Bonds was the last man standing in drama that unfolded in 2003 when a grand jury was called to build a case against the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, the place that was the ultimate drive-through for many elite athletes seeking PEDs–including, allegedly (wink), Bonds.

During his testimony, Bonds said he didn’t “knowingly” take any ‘roids. Yet he hemmed and hawed about it so much that a) the Feds thought he was lying but b) they couldn’t prove it.

Ultimately, he was convicted of obstruction of justice in that he gave “misleading” testimony to the grand jury.

Six million dollars later (according to Sports Illustrated) Bonds was sentenced to 30 house arrest in his stupid-palacial 15,000-sq-foot home (above).

He was also sentenced to two years probation and 250 hours of “community service.”

And even that was put on hold while Bonds appeals his conviction, which will take years.

I am not happy.

Like many people, I thought what began as a justifiable effort to ferret out drugs from the elite level of sports disintegrated into a witch-hunt after Bonds.

What cost them most was that their most critical witness–Bonds’ former trainer, Greg Anderson– refused to testify. Flat out, said no. In fact, Anderson (the ultimate BFF) went to jail four times on contempt charges rather than be a government witness.

Without him, the Feds had nothing.

And they’ve had nothing for years–at least about $5 million ago.

Can we all sue for restitution?


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