Plenty of Shared Blame (And just Bad Luck) NBA Injuries

It’s hard to believe it mere coincidence that so many high-profile players this season–Rickey Rubio, Kevin Love, Jeremy Lin and, of course, Derrick Rose–have gone down with significant injuries in this post-lockout compressed season.

Playing an average of four game per week, common sense says the unusual wear and tear, combined with the lack of a training camp are the culprits. And those are the by-product of the greed that lead the NBA and the players’ union to seek to recover as much of its lost revenue as possible after bickering for months over how to split the millions the league generates each season.

Yet as likely to blame is the lack of recovery time, says at least one orthopedic surgeon, Dr, Riley Williams of the New York Hospital for Special Surgery and team doctor for the New Jersey Nets. Check him out in this video. That last of down time may have lead not only to the high-profile injuries but an unprecedented number of muscle strains throughout the season, something that rarely reaches the headlines.

No matter who’s to blame, the 2011-12 season will likely go down as perhaps the costliest in league history, with the toll not truly known until we see how well the fallen stars recover. Or don’t


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