Some Stud Move

Frankly, I don’t think horse racing is a sport. It exists solely to drive the sordid breeding and betting industries.

Not that I’ll Have Another should have “sucked it up” and raced in the Belmont Stakes–though if he were a human “athlete,” he certainly would have been pressured to do so. Can you imagine if LeBron decided to sit out Game 7 of the NBA Finals because of, well, anything short of a dangling limb.

But when his trainer says the horse’s team unanimously decided racing “wasn’t worth it,” it’s hard not to think was a double-meaning lurking behind those words.

It certainly wasn’t worth risking the zillions in stud fees I’ll Have Another’s owners would have lost had the potential sire pulled up lame (or worse).

In fact, one of his offspring should be named Not Worth It.


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