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Welcome to my blog. Given that there are about a bazillion blogs out here now, I’m humbled you’ve chosen to spend time with me. Check out my bio. My journey has been varied and blessed. Over nearly three decades, I’ve covered most major sports events, sat with champions and chronicled the evolution of our games. Yeah, I’ve got opinions and a point of view – one honed from being a black man in America, a child of the civil rights movement and a man of faith who believes in fairness and forgiveness. I started “Ballers, Gamers and Scoundrels” to share my views and – most important – to hear yours.

Now, holla at a brother!


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  1. Gene says:

    Roy, get over your blatant anti-white racism, which comes through loud and clear in your latest AOL diatribe on NCAA coaches. People in this country are judged by the content of their character (and abilities), not the color of their skin. (Now, who was it said something like that?) Trust me, if franchise owners and/or university chancellors thought a black/purple/green/turquoise coach could get them a winning team–and more money for themselves or their schools, that coach would be hired. Where else on the planet is their a nation in which 13% of its people are of one race (black) yet are allowed to dominate, or at least are able to gain riches beyond their wildest imaginations, in many sports, many local governments and many businesses? The white majority of this nation has no “Miss White America” pageant, no “White Entertainmaent Television,” no “White Caucus” in Congress. And who is the ONLY American to be honored with a federal holiday in his name and who has more streets, avenues and boulevards named after him? Try Martin Luther King, Jr.!
    Get over your racism, Roy! Every thinking person is aware that blacks in America are the luckiest blacks in the world.
    I’m sure you’ll construe this as racist. I don’t but, if ss, consider it as tit for tat.
    I’m of Irish extraction and I thank God that my forbears came to this country. You should too, no matter how they arrived.

    May God bless and save America!!

  2. Yes, Gene, I do thank God each day for the many blessings he bestows upon me, including the ability to inspire passion in people and engage with them on subjects that matter to us all. Thanks for making your point.

  3. KLE713 says:

    Roy, Keep doing what you do…Gene??? America has never, ever judged Black people by the content of their character, ONLY the color of their skin…They don’t need to specify the “white miss america” pageant…the white goes without saying…let’s keep it real. That’s the American way! Deep, deep seeded racism in this country. Keep in mind that your people VOLUNTARILY came to this county…not so for African-Americans! Get to know American history before you come with that nonsense!…Where have you been living?

  4. Dustin says:

    So KLE713(H-Town I assume)lets see about your knowledge of American History.
    Who is it that freed the slaves?

  5. Dustin says:

    Roy…just found your site and have been checking it out.I really like the content.I have a question that I have asked to two of Houston’s sport radio shows.I would like to see your response to it.
    What is your position on black head coaches in the NFL?Should the percentage of bhc reflect to percentage of the population(14% give or take)?

  6. Sadie says:

    New to the site and I am vey pleased. I am writing hoping Michael Irvin will read this column since it is about him today.
    Please stop interviewing TO. He does not know how to handle interviews. I adore you both, but it is almost as if you are taking advantage of TO’s lack of media savvy and maturity. If you must interview him be fair and make sure his comments are not taken out of context. Going back later in the interview does not help. You need to cut the controversial stuff that will be exploited.
    Ideally it would be best if To stopped doing interivews. But that is unlikely.
    So I am appleaing to you Michael, do the right thing. Leave the guy alone or at least help him out. You seem to be in his corner and I am sure you mean him no harm. But enough.

  7. Bobbi says:

    Hey, love your piece on Dungy. Would love to hear more stories on his faith. Thanks and God bless you with the blog.

  8. Mario Longoria says:

    I appreciate and admire your straightforward approach and treatment of the issues of color, racism, and equality. You listen to all comments, regradless of tone, emotion, opinion or reaction and treated everyone’s views fairly. Can you imagine a world where everyone treats and respects each other the same way?
    I really enjoy the questions you pose because it provokes responses from the readers that teaches and nurtures a very good exchange of ideas/information. My best.

  9. Lauretta Ali says:

    You are right on target with the following comment regarding Michael Irvin and his getting his Hall of Fame due:

    “The guy whose outfits make you want to return your HDTV. Yeah, the guy who ushered in the modern-day police sports blotter with enough infractions, distractions and allegations to make T.O. seem like Tinkerbell. This is where the Matthew’s words ring in my ears. Voters are supposed to ignore a player’s off-field shortcomings and misdeeds in determining whose chads they’ll punch. And in many cases they have. See: ‘Lawrence Taylor, Hall of Famer.'”

    Michael did it his way off and on the court. Unless any of us are completely sin free, how can we judge Michael accept by his talents. Now, deciding who we want to have over for dinner or who we may or may not want to accept a ride from is our right to consider and decide. But, this is about skill and being all you can be for your team. Michael gave his all on the field and should be awarded accordingly. That’s just my humble opinion.

  10. e.b. says:

    Hey Roy, who gives a crap what color you are. Not everything you write about should have to do with ‘being a black man” in society. Get over this crap already. Even the blacks are tired over this verbal diarrhea.

  11. extrapolater says:

    Everyone acts like this dialogue about race is over. Please. In my own memory, I can remember hearing that black men lacked the intelligence to be Quarterbacks. And my parents can remember quite easily the days when black men & women had to eat in different restaurants and drink from different fountains.

    Just because you’re priveleged to live in the first era when this dialogue can even be had publicly and often enough for you to get tired of it doesn’t mean the problem is solved, the work is done, and we can all just stop thinking about it.

    All it takes is a blink of an eye for an undercurrent of racism to explode into front-page news – don’t fool yourselves.

  12. Daryl says:

    In a perfect America, all that Gene said would be true. However, American history points to a different commentary on the treatment of it’s citizens of color of the darker hue. Many conservatives love to take this sound bite from Dr. King’s speech on how a man should be judged by the content of his character, rather than by the color of his skin. This must be viewed in the full context of Dr. King’s speech. He said a great deal more about the sins of America. I too want to live in an America that is true to the constitutional ideals that the founding fathers put on paper. Let’s all keep working towards this goal.

  13. Brenda Comer says:

    Mr. Johnson, I am so impressed with your expertise and your sensitivity regarding athletes in general. I am very concerned about the social problems that the African American Males in Pro Ball have encountered over the past ten years, totally phenomenal!! Is there any thing or any one extending themselves to coach them in this manner so that this problems can be avoided or minimized at the least. If so, this is a good thing. If not, it is a sad state of affairs and I would like to help, as I am a therapist (Master Level Social Worker). Prevention is the best intervention. Thus, if afforded the opportunity to receive consultation regarding socialization, these players can present themselves more responsibly off the field and the courts.

  14. Vinny says:

    “Who is it that freed the slaves?” Please tell me that the answer is NOT Abraham Lincoln …who did so NOT because of an overwhelming desire to help Black People, but instead to end a bloody, expensive and country dividing CIVIL WAR! Had this not been the primary way to end this? I am afraid of where we might have ended up!

    My 2 cents

  15. John says:

    Roy, get off your soap box. Who anointed you to determine enlightenment or ignorance. I am referring to your article Gays in the NBA. Personally, Tracy McGrady gave a much better response than you. People have different value systems and just because they don’t jive with yours doesn’t mean they are not enlightened, ignorant, or young as you referred to LaBron James.

  16. Stephen A says:

    Roy, keep your dumb face off TV. Ugly lil’ fruit.

  17. Hey, love me or hate me. Just WATCH me!

  18. Mike C. says:

    Mr. Roy S. Johnson,
    What you’ve just said this afternoon during First and Ten, was some of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone watching the program is now dumber for having listened to it. It was so bad, I was forced to change the channel…OH, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  19. Thanks for your prayers, Mike. I can always you those.

  20. Larry Keith says:

    Roy: Surfing the web on a lazy Sunday night, and for some reason I thought, “What’s Roy Johnson up to these days?”. . .and, lo and behold, I found you. Good stuff. What else are you up to? I’m heavily retired, with two sons getting married this year. Best regards, Larry Keith

  21. Mosely Johnson says:

    I agree with your comments regarding Barry Bonds
    breaking Hank Aron’s home run record.
    It is just not the same as when Hank broke the record.
    Keep telling it like it is Roy!


  22. Lovely says:

    Roy I would love to hear your opinion on Hip Hop is it art or poison which was aired on CNN?

  23. Lovely says:

    Roy: You are so right Rock & Roll at one time was are downfall, now they are blaming it on hip hop. I saw the special on CNN and I agree with McLyte when she said that since Corporate has taken over Hip Hop it has gotten worse. Most of the kids who buy hip hop are white, and since billions of dollars are being made the negative images are only going to get worst. Parents need to take responsibility of what their kids are looking at, and listening too. Dont blame it on the hip hop!

  24. weezy says:

    Hello Roy,

    In response to your article on Adam Jones:

    “Time to Look in Our Ghettoized Mirror
    Bar for What We Think Is Acceptable Is at Its Lowest”

    It’s quite ignorant of you to refer to the unthinkable and inexcusable behavior of Adam Jones as ghetto. Thanks to us, ghetto has become the universal term that equates to Black, poor and bad (in Adam’s case, Black and bad). There are tons of adjectives that would aptly describe his unGodly behavior. May I remind you that the “ghetto” is comprised of much more than criminally minded thugs! There are good, honest and hard-working men, women and children who make the so called ghetto their home. Yes, we absolutely need to do better, and we can start by refraining from labeling ourselves and giving others license to follow suit. Why not call Adam Jones what he is – a poor excuse for a human being!!!

  25. Dallas Foster says:

    Roy, u seem to b one of those black folk who with a bit of fame and notoriety forget where, as well as what u came from, your recent comments about the all star weekend attest to that very fact, and it doesn’t matter how many of your fellows chime in as ageeing either…You are haranging on Black folk for the result of centuries of institutionalized racism and bigotry, which forced them into morays and attitudes they might well have never adopted otherwise as if it all their, and OUR fault: its you who has lowered the bar of what is acceptable constructive critque, such as what you comment is divisive, not constructive, if an ordinary Joe like me can see that, ur education and status has to have blinded you to obvious facts of black life, step down off your high horse and grasp yourself a clue man, you have issues bout your heritage, in light of your current status in the reralm of the white…peace Brother, You Are still one, are you not ?

  26. S. Anderson says:


    I think that your article Time to look in our Ghettoized Mirror was dead on in how majority of people view african americans. Oneday I hope that image can and will change. Not all african americans are ghetto. If they have a better finacial history or not. It is all in your so called up bringing. Read just another black face at canurelate2this.wordpress

  27. Just a concern black man who read your colume on NBA weekend it was so distastful and unfair to our black race for you to look down your white nose oh that’s right you are a black man I couldn’t tell. Yes we do have problems but not to the degree of dishing our race by a black man who think writing abut us somee how make him differant

  28. FORD says:

    Roy – I hope you made it safely and easily back to NY. Lee and I had a great time getting to know you and your family. Please send me an email to the address indicated. It would be great to keep in touch.

    Great photo of Dungy and the team post Super Bowl. It speaks volumes. To God alone be the glory!

  29. Bryant says:

    Roy please do a story about the lack of African Americans in Baseball. Since the begining every race has been accepted in baseball but us. They can’t say we don’t play because I’m being blacked out as we speak. I have the numbers that say I’m a damn good player, but the reality is that blacks only have talent to offer. Just think, every other race in baseball has there own league. It is time to unite blacks and start our own league..4 real….God Bless

  30. Dallas Foster says:

    Dustin, seems its u, like a number of whites, who needs to study YOUR history before u make such idiot comments, as the question about who freed the slaves, 1st of all there should have never been any slaves to free, while u try to make outt like some white person, namely Abraham Linclon, has done so much for the black folk.@cnd Linclon did not free the slave because he was concerned per sa about slavery, but because it help him and the North to defeat the south, since the dread scott rule was the contention, 4 purpose of representation slaves were counted as 3/5ths of a person and that gave the southern slave states control of the hoouse of representatives, Lincoln’s word were,”were i able to preserve the union without the freedom of one slave I would do so since my aim is the preservation of the Union, not the freedom of the slaves.In point of fact, when elected Linclon’s position was that slavery should continue where it was established but spreading it to the new western territories should b limited and resisted….seems ur just another in a long line of racists who seek to justify and mitigate slavery in this nation with a bunch of half truths and inuendos that make out as if black folks have ever been judge by anything other than their color, or there has been some real concern for their treatment and welfare, other than what they themselves have shown, that has been altruistic, it hasn’t….

  31. Dallas Foster says:

    Roy, i respect and actually appreciated ur response to my previous comment on the forum here, i honestly expected that i would not recieve one..Thanx.
    To answer ur question, No the article i made comment on is not the only of ur body of work that i made judgement of u by, just the only one i have commented on.
    My comment that u seem to have forgotten where u came from and how it is for black folk who yet remain there remains my earnest consideration, u demonstrate that u r out of touch with that base of the black community by the fact that u speak more as a white person who has no comprehension of the circumstances and pressures and temptations that lower middle class and poor black folk must abide under, contrary to what u seem to think, the morays and attitudes that the black folks u speak on r simply the result of this unique set of circumstances, it is a back lash against it in point of fact, when a black person gets a change to mix among the cream of white with money and affluence they tend to want to flaunt just what white folk wanna hate about in their face, stop tryin to find fault in black folk for the response and start placing the blame where it does and always has belonged, the legacy of slavery, racism, social and economic oppression(Jim Crowe), under which black below ur financial strata must yet suffer under, By The By; those same white folks STILL CALL YOU NIGGER TOO, they jus grin in ur face and do it behind ur back…better check urself before u wreck ur self with the very folk u seek to speak on and b representative of….

  32. Dallas Foster says:

    Gene, u seem another in the long line of closet racists who seek to project a persona that otherwise is the case with lame and transparent comments that are invertly racist on their very face….
    To answer your question, who gives a crap what color folks are, among others there is YOU who cares, and black folk, or any other minority for that matter has ever been judged by the content of their character, but by the color of the skin and the content of their ethnicity.
    As they say, the truth hurts and that is why ur tired of hearing it. YOU do not fool urself with that BS u posted to the blog, and u only fool someone who is simpler and more gulible than u r with either.
    In ur vain effort to seem fair and intelligent on the basic topic, RACE RELATIONS u inadvertantly exposed how racist and arrongant about it that u r.By The By, Professional sports teams WILL hire anyone they think that will give them a winning season and bring in revenue to their programs as coach, what that statement leaves out is that By and Large few sport franchises BELIEVE that a Black or other minority can do that, and most of the rest do not want to BELIEVE that.

  33. Troy says:

    Hey Roy, just read over your blog. It’s pretty nice. I disagreed with a lot of things though, so whenever I get time, I’ll drop some more comments speaking my thoughts just to get them in. I added you to my blogroll.

  34. Drew Shacker says:

    Read your article paralleling tolerance to hockey fighting with racism. Either you are intentionally ignorant or trying to evoke a response because your point is ridiculous, inflammatory and WRONG. Hockey fighting has been an acceptable part of hockey for as long as hockey has existed. If Carmello wants to fight, he should have played hockey. This has nothing to do with race just what is accepted standards for the respective sports. Unless we are suddenly charging Donald Brashear, Georges Laroque and Peter Worrell with assault while ignoring Colton Orr racism had little to do with the response.
    To compare a person questioned by police 10 times in one year and a man that may have caused 3 pepole to be shot with a man doing his accepted job is ludicrous. To call the different responses racist is a desperate cry for attention and sad really. You have a responsibility in your position to educate and enlighten. Now enlightened people will have to reverse the harm you have done with your lies. Shame on you!

  35. Drew Shacker says:

    BTW I’ve never sent a letter like this before. Generally most sports columnists stick to sports and when they do cross sports and politics they are careful to be honest and intelligent. Obviously you’ve been doing this so long you are more concerned with your agenda than the truth.

  36. mnkwazi says:

    Reading your post on Black voices “Is Pacman Playing the Wrong Game?” I must say your level of thinking seems to be pretty low which is very common amongst Black Americans. As a black man it never ceases to amaze how simple minded and dim witted so many Black Americans are. FIRST Jerome Iginla does not play in Atlanta he plays in Calgary, for the Calgary Flames. He is the captain of the Calgary flames not the Canadian National team. While hockey isn’t as popular as basketball it obviously has a lot of fans in both the USA and Canada.

    The main reason why hockey players can get a free pass is because the vast majority of the violence is confined to HOCKEY PLAYERS during HOCKEY GAMES. Hockey players are not routinely getting arrested for selling or using drugs, being at the scene of a homicide(Pacman Jones), raping women or gang activity. I mean do you think before you write? The whiny race stance of Black America is amazing.

  37. Drew Shacker says:

    Just to help clear up the misconceptions on hockey fighting…

    Hockey is a game where fighting actually serves to deter violence. It has been that way for years. There was less stick work and head hunting when players feared the retribution…fear is a wonderful deterrent, 2 minutes in the box is not. Changing the rules to placate people that don’t understand the game has made the sport more dangerous (the instigator rule).

    I don’t watch hockey for the fighting but the game as a whole is better with it…read up on what Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux think about it (both favour it as it protected them and allowed them the room to operate).

    Finally, before the instigator, goons never touched superstars, players on the other team would line up to teach a man why never to touch your star player. Now because of the instigator, goons will try to intimidate superstars and the best response is to go after the other teams stars instead of the offending party.

    It’s a Canadian game, this is how we like it. Try to understand the nuances before you smear it with the race card.

  38. Roy S. says:

    Thanks, Drew. Believe it or not, I wasn’t trying to smear it.I’ve taken my sons to hockey games. Both my kids skate and I’d love to go to more. But I will not go and have hem watch goons punch each other for no reason. That is not sport, in my view. The game is to graceful and beautiful for that. And at least down here, it will not attract non-traditional hockey fans as long as there is goonishness afoot. And if the NHL is to survive (again, at least in the US) it needs new fans.

  39. Mike D. says:

    Fighting in hockey has been going on as long as hockey has been a sport. Whether you agree or disagree with it belonging in the sport is beside your point. Unless a hockey player brings a gun to the rink and starts shooting people the Pacman Jones comparison is ludicrous. Basketball is supposedly a none contact sport again another none comparison. Like too many black voices out there you continue to cry racism about everything. Like the boy who cried wolf too many times people no longer listen. You should save the race card for things that truly are racist.

  40. M. Guy says:

    Hello Roy:

    Wasn’t able to located contact info for you but wanted to talk to you regarding a book idea. Could you email me?


  41. Roy–you are AWESOME! I admire your courage to indulge your life’s calling to comment on sports the way YOU see it. Your voice enhances our dialogue and invites us to view sports — a huge metaphor for life — through your fresh, creative and insightful eyes. Thank you! Elizabeth Atkins

  42. Mr. Johnson,

    I recently started a blog called All Talk Sports. I’m trying to make All Talk Sports the #1 Sports Blog on the web. I would be honored if you could visit the site and let me know what you think. I’m trying to become a writer for a sports magazine and I would appreciate any advice you have.



    Marquis Chapman

  43. Ron Glover says:

    Mr. Johnson,

    I’ve been a freelance sports journalist for about five years now and I experienced some ups and downs but all in all it’s been a great ride. My faith has been a huge part of what I’ve been able to accomplish, I’m the son of an Elder and the grandson of a Pastor so I know the pewer of prayer. God Bless You and continued success.

    Feel free to contact me at ronglov1972@hotmail.com or visit my blog at http://www.thebrotherreport.wordpress.com

  44. Bobbi says:

    Tired of your anti-white race hate. Please remove me from your email list.

  45. R. Pick says:

    Hello Mr. Johnson,

    I am an aspiring writer with no experience in the field. How can I garner one of those coveted internships?

    I’m a former firefighter who turned in my badge to pursue my dream of writing. Since then I’ve returned to school, and have working towards my degree in creative writing.

    During this time, I’ve done some speech writing and ghost writing for a professional athlete; however, I would like to write under my own name.

    I appreciate any help you can provide.


    R. Pick

  46. KAREN SAUNDERS says:


    Been a while.

    I have a question for you.

    Email me and let me know how to reach you.

    Will try you at work

  47. Kimberly Ho Schoelen says:


    Hi, I’m a fellow HH ’77 Tulsa alum (and classmate of your brother JJ). Would you please email me I have a sports journalism question to ask.

  48. rob says:

    Well, thought you might like this, please share, embed, whatever…

    and let me know what you think! That’s the important thing…



  49. Steve says:

    You are a narrow minded piece of shit. Brett Favre deserved sportsman of the year tenfold over Yony Dungy. Sure Dungy has many accolades to his name and yes he has had his share of adversity but Brett got this award because of what he has done on the field as well as off. He got it not only for his accomplishments this year but throughout his entire career. Favre is far from perfect but that is what sets him apart. From defeating his Vicodin and Alcohol addictions, to supporting his wife when she discovered she had breast cancer, the Fourward Foundation, and all the other family tragedies he has had to deal with.
    You are nothing more than a cynical waste of life and you should be ashamed of yourself.

  50. Roy S. says:

    Wow. A narrow-minded piece of shit? A waste of life? I couldn’t let that one go without saying only someone too coward to put a real email address on the site would resort to such a childish retort. What I love about this is that we can disagree and still respect each other – at lest most of us can. I am sad for you PakerforLife (or whomever you really are.)

  51. spartanshealth says:


  52. Brian says:

    SEE DEFINTION BELOW: Lynch : Short for Lynch Law

    It has nothing to do with race. Get the context of the quote before you go ranting ROY.

    lynch law


    The punishment of persons suspected of crime without due process of law.

    After William Lynch (1742-1820)

    In the late 18th century, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, was troubled by criminals who could not be dealt with by the courts, which were too distant. This led to an agreement to punish such criminals without due process of law. Both the practice and the punishment came to be called lynch law after Captain William Lynch, who drew up a compact on September 22, 1780, with a group of his neighbors. Arguing that Pittsylvania had “sustained great and intolerable losses by a set of lawless men … that … have hitherto escaped the civil power with impunity,” they agreed to respond to reports of criminality in their neighborhood by “repair[ing] immediately to the person or persons suspected … and if they will not desist from their evil practices, we will inflict such corporeal punishment on him or them, as to us shall seem adequate to the crime committed or the damage sustained.” Although lynch law and lynching are mainly associated with hanging, other, less severe punishments were used. William Lynch died in 1820, and the inscription on his grave notes that “he followed virtue as his truest guide.” But the good captain, who had tried to justify vigilante justice, was sentenced to the disgrace of having given his name to the terrible practice of lynching.

  53. “Okay, so it’s just the Golf Channel. And Kelly Tilghman is simply a hottie that was given an opportunity to anchor a telecast because she can swing a golf club.”-Roy Johnson

    Please Roy, get off your soapbox. Not only is Kelly well spoken, articulate, and knowledgeable of the game of golf, she’s a breath of fresh air in golf commentating. Her remark came accross just as it should have, that Tiger is head and shoulders better than any player on tour. Not only is your article bogus but it puts Tiger in the middle of a lose/lose situation. Just your reference to a professional female as a “hottie” is nothing but a cheap shot. Must be a slow week at your typewriter or maybe you have to write crap like this drivel to get noticed.

  54. Robert says:

    hi Roy-
    After reading the above comments, I’ll measure my words carefully.
    i don’t find you racist, but after reading a few of your articles over time, it quickly became apparrent (before i read your bio) that you were a black man.
    I agree that the Lynching comment was wrong and out of hand, but to compare it to the Jena Six is off base.
    Even this black man can see the Jena Six was blown way out of proportion by Sharpton, Jackson, et al (Obama save us from these fools!).
    The Jena Six attacked that boy almost 6 months after the tree noose incident – I believe it was 3 months AFTER the tree was cut down.
    The Jena Six attack was just that – an unjustified attack on a white boy that did nothing wrong. it wasn’t race based at all, and those boys have not paid enough for what they have done. Shame on our community for rallying around punks in the name of race outrage. What have we taught them about responsibility?

    This dumb comment from an inexperienced broadcaster may have been innocent. Dumb, but possibly innocent.

    Still, there is no denying any lynching comment could be construed by some as racist. However, in light of all of the recent reports of race based nooses and comments, i cannot help but notice those that scream the loudest are usually those with the least amount of information.

    You wrote an entire article based on her one line, yet ADMIT you have no idea what context it was used in and that you haven’t seen the clip.
    Is that responsible? Then you judge her on her looks. Is that responsible?

    Shouting from the rooftops for someone’s job doesn’t help us. Just like the fireman who planted a noose, and the Columbia prof who may have done the same – the way to combat racism is through education, not more uninformed hate and accusations.

    I expect more from you sir.
    You are a better writer than that, with a larger footprint in sports media than she will ever have.
    Perhaps you should act like it in the future.
    Or the next thing you know, someone may call for you to lose your job for race-baiting and inflammatory comments that are backed up not by research, but your uninformed personal opinion.

  55. art says:

    Should Kelly get fired for the remarks about Tiger? Nah. I really don’t think anyone should be fired for remarks. Physical violence should lead to dismissal. I really don’t care what people say. I am more concerned with their actions. No golfer is going to lynch Tiger because Kelly said to. Tiger is the PGA tour meal ticket. It was a dumb remark. She knows it. She is doing a big back pedal. I am sure Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton will be giving their opinion soon. As if anyone really cares anymore what those guys say. I find it all rather boring. Must be a slow newsday, I guess.

  56. Jake says:

    Your crappy article about Kelly Tillghman was pathetic. Why bring attention to something that was obviously an innocent slip that YOU interpreted as racist, but clearly was not the context or intent and I agree with the comments above. After seeing this pathetic headline on yahoos homepage, I had to see what moron wrote the article (and himself put a silly judgemental comment about Duke in there to illustrate what a hipocrit you truly must be. You are an editor? Are you serious? Do you bother to check your misspellings and grammar before you post your spew on the website even? C’mon, find something worth writing about already. You create your own problems by crying “racism” for such nonsense, which can only lead to a self fulfilling prophecy.

  57. possom813 says:

    I just have a quick comment to make about the article you wrote in regards to the Golf Channel and Kelly Tilghman.

    I have never read your blog, simply because I can find better thing around the house to occupy my time. But for you to state that she was being racist is asinine. She made a non threatening comment about a dark skinned professional golfer. I guess it has no bearing that Tiger Woods has stated himself several times that he is not African American, but some form of Asian nationality.

    I do digress, having never read anything written by your hand before, that you must be an African American that is about as Anti Caucasian as one can get.

    I deeply regret that so many people strive to model themselves after people such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I cannot appreciate the fact that the only time you hear these two mens’ names in the media is when something bad happens to a black man or woman. They have no concern over there other brothers. And Mr. Jackson has the nerve to situate himself as a Reverend.

    Anyways, to each his own, but I have emailed the Golf Channel in regards that nothing be done to this reporter. There must be limits on several things, but once you start modifying The Constitution to suit your own agenda and to make others happy, you are no better than a traitor to your country.

  58. possom813 says:

    I just have a quick comment to make about the article you wrote in regards to the Golf Channel and Kelly Tilghman.

    I have never read your blog, simply because I can find better things around the house to occupy my time. But for you to state that she was being racist is asinine. She made a non threatening comment about a dark skinned professional golfer. I guess it has no bearing that Tiger Woods has stated himself several times that he is not African American, but some form of Asian nationality.

    I do digress, having never read anything written by your hand before, that you must be an African American that is about as Anti Caucasian as one can get.

    I deeply regret that so many people strive to model themselves after people such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. I cannot appreciate the fact that the only time you hear these two mens’ names in the media is when something bad happens to a black man or woman. They have no concern over there other brothers. And Mr. Jackson has the nerve to situate himself as a Reverend.

    Anyways, to each his own, but I have emailed the Golf Channel in regards that nothing be done to this reporter. There must be limits on several things, but once you start modifying The Constitution to suit your own agenda and to make others happy, you are no better than a traitor to your country.

  59. Scott P says:

    I can appreciate your desire to entice a reader, but please use caution. As a responsible reporter, I would think you should see the clip in it’s entirety before responding.
    The ability to mend rather than create racial tension should be everyone’s responsibilty, including you.


  60. Jake says:

    “That is not the point. Tolerance at any level cannot be tolerated.”

    Great Finish dude! I think you painted yourself true there. I cannot believe you are an editor. How did you get your job? Affirmative action? Now that is a racist policy there. Write about that.

  61. Greg W says:

    Regarding the idiot comment that the Golf Channel analyst Kell Tilghman made regarding Tiger Woods, you are basically accurate. Part of the reason however is the fact that sportscasters have a need to aimlessly and incessantly talk, and while some aren’t so bright they end up blubbering some old cliche that is either outadated, overused, or in this case horribly inappropriate. She was out of line and firing is likely necessary.

    However, it appears you’re okay with sexism and ingorance as opposed to racism and ignorance. Your degradation of her (“hottie … can swing a club”) comes across as sexist and could be interpreted as a pornographic reference. You bring yourself close to her level in your haste to pass judgement.

    I’ve never read your columns before, but this one doesn’t seem to well thought out or intelligently written. I’d suggest you make your own apology, not necessarily to Tilghman, but to females.

  62. Kim Galliher says:

    I will be so glad when we are all so interbred that we are all a nice golden caramel color and then there will nothing to complain about. Iowa, a mostly “white” inhabited state, just voted to support the first black man to run in the next presidential race-so really, who has the problem?

    I have filed a complaint with Yahoo regarding this article-as follows:

    I think it would be best to remove the article by Roy S. Johnson-as it only fuels the fire of accusatory racism. Neither lynching or hanging were created for black people and they were certainly not the only race of people who suffered from these acts. So how could refering to it be a racist comment? Criminals, gamblers caught cheating, even Mormons were lynched.

    The fact is, that by posting this kind of inflammatory article on your HOME page you are assisting in a sense of character lynching for someone who spoke unwisely. If a black person had made that comment there would be no article to print. The fact is black people are entitled to say any negative thing they desire about white people and no one bats an eye. It is politically correct to hate white people. False accusations can be made about supposed racist acts and everyone rallies behind the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Take the Duke Lacrosse players for instance crucified before any real facts had been obtained and yet when they were cleared there were no apologies given or if there were it wasn’t front page news so it may as well not happened at all. This kind of tolerance, the right to hate white people, is not helping anyone. It fuels the fires of racism and that is simply not right. Just as the media has the responsibility to purge themselves of any white person making any kind of racist remark (real or imagined) you also have the responsibility to quash reverse discrimination and assisting in character assasination of anyone wrongly accused of being a racist.

  63. Jason Vera says:

    Mr. Johnson,

    I read your recent inaccurate article about the lynching comment. I just hope that in the future, you make sure you get the scoop from the horse’s mouth. Not from what you heard or read from somebody else. Which is how you got the base for your blog which you admit when you say…
    “I have not seen the clip, nor do I know the context of the remarks. This is what I know — that Tilghman, who never played on the LPGA Tour, said golf’s young players should “lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley.”

    From what I read of her said remarks. It sounds like she was indicating that Tiger is playing so well that in order for younger players to have a chance they must injure Tiger in some way. Maybe lynching wasn’t the best way to say it, but apparently at that moment, it was in her mind.

    Would you be upset if she simply stated “For young players to win Tiger would need to get injured.”?

    I doubt it. I think this is just another excuse for the black community to be self-righteous. Just like they did with Jena Six. How do you justify beat a boy severely because some other white boys tied some nooses on a tree. (If you read the facts, the boy they jumped wasn’t involved in the noose incident.) Is ok to PHYSICALLY injure someone because somebody else that was his same race MENTALLY injured you? If that is what America has come to, then what MLK, JR.’s fight was worthless. He had a dream that all races would get along, not his race to gain self-righteousness.

    Long post, short. Next time you want to blog, make sure you know the whole story from whomever, or whatever is the cause for your blog. It would help many young Americans belief in good journalism.

  64. Eric Rundstrom says:


    Calm down. You are way too sensitive. She obviously made a mistake, no harm intended. That poor girl said something stupid, and used the wrong word, then you twisted into something else and are publicly attcking her for something she never intended to.

    I have been on tv before, it’s unnerving, sometimes people make unknowing mistakes.

    Have some grace for her, she did not mean anything racist

  65. Emilie Kelley says:

    Apparently, you are a black man b/c of your reaction to this. I’m sure you would not be offended by her comment if you were a white person. And I’m also sure that you would NOT take action if she made a comment about a white person the way she did about a black person…

  66. Mary says:

    Why are you even commenting on something you yourself say you don’t know anything about? You indicate in your article on a comment with Tiger’s name in it that there is a difference in hanging someone because they are black or white. You indicate that punishment is due because a comment was made toward Mr. Woods. I would submit that murder is murder and wrong regardless. I believe the Bible says something about not killing, but I don’t remember any stipulations there.
    What I note in your article is your very sexist remark about Ms. Tilghman being a “hottie” and that being a factor in her getting a job on TGC. Don’t you think you should be punished for such a comment? Maybe fired from being an editor if you really are. I now will watch TGC to judge for myself your assessment of Ms. Tilghman’s professionalism based upon her true talents and abilities . I would bet she is very worthy of the position. Where as I’m not sure you are yours. There is no place for sexism in our society either.

  67. luzziannacajun says:

    Wow….Roy, you are an educated man speaking truthfully about issues with black athletes…too bad you had to make up for it with the speech police diatribe. Maybe you don’t like other black’s viewing you as a “house nigger,” or thinking you are “looking down your white nose” at them. I am sick of the “legacy of racism” some use as an excuse to remain uneducated and to solicit sympathy for criminal activity or laziness. There are thousands of people that come here from other countries where they and their loved ones are raped, tortured, and murdered beyond compare with anthing experienced by blacks in this country. They come here, learn English, go to college, and become happy productive citizens while putting the past behind them. I do not feel sorry for any blacks in this country. Besides, I live in NOLA where blacks keep on killing each other and black leaders do nothing about it…Where is Jessie and Al?

  68. Eric Mitchell says:

    Mr. Roy-

    Really? Are you really serious? Someone says the word “lynch” and you have a hissy fit. I think that everyone breathing knows that she did not mean anything racist. SHe probably has more respect for Tiger than you do, because you are an embarassment.

    Hey Roy, just because you are black, that does not make you the judge on anything. Nobody owes you anything either. Freakin’ Shut up!

  69. Richard Hamilton says:

    Obviously I believe Kelly Tilghman’s comment regarding young golfers acting against Tiger to be wholly inappropriate and she should be punished for it. However, shouldn’t Ms. Tilghman’s comment be judged independent of the “color” of the subject? Her comment is either appropriate or inappropriate no matter what color the subject is. To consider color at all in the adjudication of the comment requires the judge to not be color blind and thus by inference racist. I think we can do better than that and until we do we will always have racial issues to deal with, which is the whole point of MLK’s dream.

    Tiger is an amazing young man and we are all blessed that we get to see him golf his way into history.

  70. Bryan says:

    Roy, you’re a sad man. You cry racism in this Tighlman issue to fulfill your ego. All you achieve is to take the attention from where real racism exists- you dont need to look too far to see it. You hurt the cause by fighting such fights, but you probably dont care because of you small mind. It’s all about you. If you really cared you’d go down to New Orlenas and write about the continuing devastation that persists because of the institutional racism that is this country. The real racists couldn’t be happier to have a pawn like you allowing them to work under the radar. I guarantee that Tiger comes out in her defense and then it will be you that will owe the apology. And you’ll probably give one too. And do you know why? Because you were told to do it and that the only way you know how to do anything

  71. deni34 says:

    Dear Roy, Its so obvious, the reason you have a job in sports is because you are black…That is racist. And you thought it was your journalisim skills..HA. The only time you complain is when racism is working against you, and not for you. WHY?? Like when you got this job you have. I bet you didnt even notice the racism, did you?? It was a good thing for you , so its OK. I bet, If to get ahead in this world, You would turn on your own Black brothers, to propel yourself, higher(money, status). If you think hiring people on a percentage basis of thier skincolor ,like Nfl coaches, is a good thing.You are an ULTRA RACIST.

  72. Eric Mitchell says:

    Mr. Roy-

    Really? Are you really serious? Someone says the word “lynch” and you have a hissy fit. I think that everyone breathing knows that she did not mean anything racist. SHe probably has more respect for Tiger than you do, because you are an embarassment.

    Hey Roy, just because you are black, that does not make you the judge on anything. Nobody owes you anything either. Freakin’ Shut up!

  73. Dexter Rogers says:

    I’m going to state from the jump that I’m an African American male. Secondly, I understand the historical development of this country with respect to race, sport, and historical journey of the African Athlete in America.

    The remarks Tilghman about Tiger Woods are not acceptable on ANY level. Why? Because if you understand the what a lynching is this would be taken a lot more serious. Hundreds of thousands of African Americans post slavery well into the 1960’s were lynched, hanged, killed, and castrated for the color of their skin and for demanding the rights their white counterparts have richly enjoyed.

    If I could interview interview interview any of those who were killed by the hands of white racists before they met their unfortunate fate I’m sure they’d wouldn’t take kind to this woman’s poor taste.

    Many whites don’t understand because they don’t have lynchings, racism, lack of inclusion, and discrimination in their historical resumes-we as African Americans do.

    Also, my being a freelance writer I know why this storry has been kept hush, hush. 92.8% of all major media outlets are owned and controlled by white males. The media lacks diversity and most are not sensitive nor aware how racism affects us all. I experience difficulty in getting published mainstream because I refuse to water-down my comments and kiss white Americas ass.

    Most of you (whites) who don’t understand always attack the messenger instead of objectively attempting to adhere to the message. You’ll criticize the author for speaking the truth: you never deny the truth in the words but attack the author personally. This is done to eliminate from the sting of the message being conveyed.

    I stress that we ALL adopt an open mind. That’s the only way things will get better. But as a black man I have to concentrate my energy where the problems the greatest. African Americans need to unite and get people like Tilghman off the air for good.

    In closing, Tiger needs to speak up. Jim Brown, Bill Russell, nor Jackie Robinson would take such insults. Tiger stands on the shoulders of a lot of people African American pioneers who endured bitter cruelties for him to do his thing. He has the platform to make changes across this country that’ll be thunderous. Yet his consistent silence in the face of racism disturbs me. His activity is subliminally adhereing to and allowing racism to continually fester.

    In short, her ass needs to be fired. Roy keep speaking out. They (media) can keep trying to keep me quiet but I won’t succomb to it. Some things in life you just can’t halt.

    God bless you all!

  74. mark says:

    When I read the article regarding Tiger, I had a gut feeling you were a man of color. When a man of color uses the “n” word during a sporting event and children hear this…..should this athlete be suspended also. With this country trying to decide if a man of color will be President, don’t you think its time you get the chip off your shoulder and become just a “man”. You are a reporter, same as the Golf Channel “chick”, and I didn’t see in your biography, any participation in sports at a high level. As a white man who has competed in two professional sports in my life…(pro skier and motorsports, Indy and Nascar), I was always judged on my ability to perform. I do find it interesting that folks of color tend to stick to certain sports…as it seems with whites. How long has NASCAR tried to incorporate programs of promotion and the success it has had. Yet, F1 brings in the next top driver and he is a man of color…..but it is not promoted as such….just a extremely talented driver…..
    I suggest you take off your “colored” glasses and become a part of the solution, instead of igniting something more…..unless you wish to use the same vigilance against your own race when they “mouth off”.

  75. Eric Mitchell says:

    Dear Roy S. Johnson-

    Here is a question. See if you can answer this.
    Do you regret being black?
    I don’t need answer because I know what your thinking.
    I’ll tell you, you make it look pretty unappealing. Although you are taking advantage of it as much as you can though. At least your trying.

    Life is hard. Quit complaining. Aren’t you a man of faith?

    Now your officially a reverend.

  76. Jared J. says:


    I just read your response to the comment made by Kelly Tilghman. I agree that what she said may be in bad taste. However, we do really need to look at the context. But, when I read your article you came across as an ignorant, pompass, “cry-baby” individual. Your article was so “drop the hammer-esque” and anti-white, admittedly I said to myself, “this guy must be a black racist”.

    Roy, it is articles and comments like these that drive a wedge through the issue of black vs. white. They do heal or “draw our attention to the terrible injustice that the Blacks face today because of the racism from whites” as you might think because that is just not the case.

    Roy, I am sure that there are isolated incidences of racism still, even today, but the nation as a whole has moved on and is now color-blind. Honestly, you can find insensitive biggots anywhere, Black, White, Asian, Middle-Eastern – take your pick. If you want to look hard enough you can find it – but the nation as a whole has moved on (I mean Obama just won New Hampshire in the Primary Election). Your article makes you sound like a biggot and a cry baby. It’s time for you to grow up and join the rest of us in the 21st Century.

    Jared J.

  77. Jared J. says:

    Correction – “Do not heal or “Draw attention ..”

  78. Eric Mitchell says:

    …….and I am sure that MLK would be asking for you to get fired.

  79. tom says:

    I’ve never heard your name and i know not 1 thing about you. i read your article on Yahoo about the Tiger Woods story. you write an article based on 1 sentence without knowing the context it was used. and then you have the audacity to use words like ‘egragious, unconscionable, she should be fired , blah, blah, blah! you know d*amn well Kelly wasn’t serious one iota and she was just having some fun. you’re a loser for even writing the story. you sound like you might be the racist one here with your ranting dude!
    Then you say, “Kelly is just some hottie that knows how to swing a folf club that got an anchor job. you sound like you have an axe to grind with her, do you? are you maybe jealous of her success Roy? the most racist part of the article,inho, is you suggesting she got her job because she’s a WOMAN! that’s what people should be looking at in your ‘no story’ article!!!!

  80. Don White says:


    Proof read your Kelly Tilghman story. When referring to Kelly Tilghman’s comment about Tiger Woods, I think you meant to say that “Intolerance at any level cannot be tolerated.” Instead you wrote that “Tolerance at any level cannot be tolerated.” Personally, I think Kelly’s mistake was as innocent as yours. I hope she doesn’t expose you on The Golf Channel.

  81. matt says:

    Hello Roy,

    Who really cares what Tilghman said? Of course she didn’t mean it.
    If I was black and had a few hundred million dollars, i couldn’t care less if I had nigger screamed at me once a week.
    Don’t you ever get embarrased by being so weak that you can’t take being called a name? Stop whining for Christ’s sake. Don’t give me some bullshit New York-times-type rhetoric. Whites take it. Whats wrong? Are you weak.

  82. Sad for Roy the 'Brotha' says:

    Roy, is it at all possible that the word ‘lynched’ was used in the context that the rest of the tour is fed up with Tiger WINNING??– Not that Tiger is a Black golfer winning (and only partially Black at that)? I don’t think this was an outright racist comment similar in tone to Fuzzy Zoeller’s off-the-cuff remark about fried chicken. I think it was used in the context that Tiger should be roughed up for winning so much. Since you are a black man “formed” by the Civil Rights era, you probably can’t get past any innocent form of commentary as racist, and this is sad. Certainly the comment was utterly tasteless, but to automatically imply it’s racist and start calling in Al Sharpton is equally rash. Maybe when a fellow black man accuses you of being White for writing in such perfect English and not Ebonics you will see how the sword cuts both ways.

  83. Steve says:

    you said “I have not seen the clip, nor do I know the context of the remarks. This is what I know — that Tilghman, who never played on the LPGA Tour, said golf’s young players should “lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley.” and “And Kelly Tilghman is simply a hottie that was given an opportunity to anchor a telecast because she can swing a golf club”. How big and idiot are you. At least do a minimum of research before you write inflamatory articles. Award winning? For what? Laziest writer to spew garbage lately? Moron.

  84. Stan Suleiman says:


    I find it interesting how a freelance journalist such as yourself takes the liberty to distort the truth and claim that hundreds of thousands of African Americans were killed post-slavery. That would be from about 1863 to 2007. Where exactly is this documented??? Are you sure it’s not 6 million blacks, why not up the number to make it more dramatic?

    Wait, based on your logic I’m white so I don’t understand your plight. Oh I’m also Jewish, but since my “people” (peepz, as you might say) own all the media studios I’m still lumped in with the Whites. OK, that makes sense now. Thanks Dexter for reporting the truth.
    Keep up the good work. Holla!!

  85. tuibguy says:

    What a surprise that there are such racist and ignorant assholes in this country. You sure seem to draw them, don’t you?

    From the tone of these comments the common thread seems to be “racism wouldn’t be problem if there weren’t any blacks around to remind us of it.”

    Keep writing, man, I’ll keep reading.

  86. Steve says:

    yes tuibguy, you are evidence he sure draws em

  87. jimster says:

    i agree wholeheartedly with you major comment…

    “Tolerance at any level cannot be tolerated.”

    …and they tell me you are an editor?

  88. Jennifer Kim says:

    >>>Had Woods been white, to use the most heinous crime committed in this nation to illustrate God-knows-what point would have been egregious. But that he’s not makes the remark unconscionable. And punishable.>>>

    So are you saying, Mr. Johnson, that a “lynching” comment is only punishable if the target of the comment is black, but not punishable if the target is white?

    Whether a black man or a white man is lynched, they both end up equally dead.

    Sorry, but I don’t describe to your theory that a comment or action is more bad, or less bad, depending on what color the targeted person’s skin is.

  89. Seth says:


    I find it inexplicable that you have can bring the Duke case and the Jena 6 cases in the same context as a stupid woman. In the first, everyone hoped that we would find a case where white men abused a down on her luck black woman, and come to find out after all the grandstanding it was a case of reverse lynching. The Jena 6 are a bunch of thugs who attacked a white kid for “walking while being white” and stomped on his head while he was unconscious. He is lucky to be alive. Boy what angels. If you want poster children for racism look at the common human experience of poverty (which we all endure) and provide examples of people elevating themselves through self reliance and self determination and not self destruction, anger and violence. Look at Clarence Thomas, Barack Obama, Colin Powell and Condylezza Rice to name a few. I have grown up as a white kid in black neighborhoods and know all to well that racism has nothing to do with skin color, and everything to do with oneself. I rose above them and who now suffers.

  90. Jake says:

    To the other Black man who responded with a long diatribe. Do you blacks think you are the only people who have ever been enslaved? Can you name any race/nation who have never used slaves of another race, as well as their own kind? Why do blacks think their racism was any different? Would you rather get back on a boat and go live in Africa? Would you be better off? Blacks have been handed plenty in this country with affirmative action/civil rights etc. Racism will always exist, but I don’t know why “african americans” think the world should bend over and kiss their ass. You are generations removed from slavery. Most of us were not around during segregation, yet you act like you were there and carry a chip on your shoulder. You are your own worst enemy. I don’t hear the Chinese bitching about their ancestors building railroads. I dont hear the Jews blaming whites or German descendents for owing them anything. Wake the F up.
    BTW “lynching” goes back to the wild west days, where blacks weren’t even around. Haven’t you ever watched a western? Just because some blacks were lynched by the KKK doesnt make the entire white race bad. Don’t judge “white america” by the actions of a few, just as you don’t want “white america” to judge you based on a few of your dumbass “niggas” brothers who are an embarrassment to you. Its amazing how quick you people rush to judgement, witout the facts.

    But I guess Mike Vick should not get any punishment huh? Mike Tyson never should have gone to jail. Barry Bonds shouldn’t be tested for steroids. OJ is innocent…both times! You probably turn a blind eye to your brothers misdeeds, because America owes you something.

    Anytime someone not sucking up to Tiger it makes headlines. He is only 1/6 black, ya know, but people act like he is 100% (if that matters?).

    I can’t belive this story made it on Yahoo. After reading the poorly written story, I was like “what?..that is the big “controversial statement”. I thought it was something personal or an attack, which I found implausible, figuring it was just a lame teaser headline (which it was). Clearly, she was commenting on how unstoppable Tiger is. I dont even see the need to aplogize, other than we live in such a politically correct society that you cant say anything remotely controversial or potentially offensive without getting fired. I bet most of you dumbasses have done much worse things without getting fired, so why should she? You act like this was some premeditated hate crime with malicious intent. Grow up.

  91. Lawrence Weisgerber says:

    C’mon people….. First of all, who is Roy S. Johnson? Is he my friend? Is he your friend? Or is he somebody who has the ability to crank off an armchair opinion because he earned a degree in journalism and happens to occupy an editorial section in one of the hundreds of newspapers in this great nation? His words are inflammatory and meant to incite those who bear a guilty conscience because of the sins of earlier americans (whom, by the way, were ALL descendants of immigrant settlers that settled here from other countries.)

    Roy…… Buddy…… Journalism is an honorable profession. Word association, on the other hand, is child’s play and better left to grade school children aspiring to become journalists some day.

    So she said the “L” word….. and you associated it with the Jena 6 event. Shame on you, Roy. Can’t you do better than that? Let me get to the point Roy. Every United States citizen can say whatever he or she wants because our founding fathers made it so. These insightful men saw past men like you, Roy. They knew there would be men like you who might attempt to censure others. Men who twist facts and portray others as criminals for their own gain. Our forefathers fled their country because of men like you.

    We should reject you and everything you write based on your decision to incite others, just so you could sell a few more papers. What’s wrong with you son? I am sure you called her to confirm exactly what she meant, right? I am sure you would give her a chance to explain herself in your editorial, right? (Yes, these are rhetorical questions Roy. I already know the answers.)

    You need to apologize Roy. First, to that kind woman because of your slanderous attitude. Second, to your readers. There is no excuse for your kind of journalism. Just look at the comments posted because of your article. You make me sick, you mindless bastard. And finally Roy, you need to take two steps back from your soap box, clear your throat, then apologize for perpetuating racism throughout this great country.

    Call me sometime. We’ll sit down down to some apple pie in a mom and pop cafe while we share ideas and listen to Garth Brooks together. (Hey Roy. I hate Garth Brooks too! Just keeping it real!!)

    God bless the USA.

  92. hdwphx says:

    Sounds like a lot of racism, a lot of anger and a lot of stupidity. Some of the grammar is so bad its hard to keep up with or figure out what’s really being said. I thought this was a blog about sports. I was wrong.

    Roy, are you sure this is what you had in mind?

  93. matt says:

    Never heard of you – just read your response to a Tiger Woods comment. You should re-eduacte yourself on the “Jenna Six”. It wasn’t what the race baiters made it out to be and maybe this lack of intellect from an intellectual or journalist is the point being made about quaterbacks. All talk no substance.

    Tiger Woods is measured on his accomplishments, one stroke at a time, one victory after another – maybe that’s why he avoids the likes of you and others in your self proclaimed community of victims.

    It’s convenient to hide behind religion, but last i looked – tuth is imperitive.

  94. Dave Lister says:

    Just shut up.

  95. Dennis Vicars says:


    Unfortunately , you are everything you imply that you are against. You sir are a racist! In fact , the greatest racism in this country today, is perpetuated by minority writers such as yourself that relish in the hypocrisy of finger pointing. People such as yourself take too much pleasure in self angrandizement to ever hope to have a society of one. Lighten up and find a way to enjoy the fact that maybe we’ve come to a point, as Fuzzy and Tiger had, that friends can enjoy and kid each other without someone such as yourself having to make a federal issue out of a simple figure of speech. As long as people such as yourself are this sensitive we will never be a society of one. That might spoil too much of your politically correct fun huh.

  96. Jim Nelson says:

    I just read your story about the comments made regarding Tiger Woods. As I read your comments, I did not know of you, but by the time I had gotten a paragraph into the comments I knew you were black. I think you need to stop carrying such a chip on your shoulder. Attacking a person over the wrong words is ridiculous. Obviously she made a mistake. She didn’t think about her comments in advance. She used words many of us used when we were younger and knew little or nothing of the meaning. An apology is of course necessary, not only to Tiger but to the public for perpetuating the phrase. But cut the woman some slack. She didn’t invent the phrase and she didn’t intend the phrase as it came out. Let’s not be so divisive and lets focus on getting along instead of pointing out every dog gone mistake on TV. Get over it, Roy.

  97. Tommy V says:

    After reading your Bio I have to question the depth of your character due to the content of your remarks and needlessly escalating racial tones. The country can’t finally bury these feelings because some won’t let it go. I do not think the golf announcer was referring to past history, rather respect for the dominance of Tiger and having a chance in his absence. Did I see the word Forgiveness in your Bio?

  98. Knot Ahotheadlikeu says:

    What you complaining about, boy? You and Kelly Tilghman got a lot in common, both being dumb racists, but I don’t know if she is illiterate like you (“Tolerance at any level cannot be tolerated” – Roy S. Johnson 1-8-08)

  99. Chris says:

    I find it very reprehensible that a man like you calls for the punishment of Kelly Tilghmann when you have NO idea of the context of her comment. The only thing worse is yahoo making it a feature story. Black people such as yourself want to move past racism and end it but you always jump the gun and claim racism.

    Now, holla back at a non-brother. Brother.

  100. Chris says:

    FYI Roy. Your comment in the opening about being a Kelly coming from Duke only shows further ignorance on your part. Not only do you write a story about a subject you yourself admit to not knowing ANYTHING about, you also throw out that she is from Duke like that is a bad thing.

    Remember, Duke was a case of a racist BLACK woman claiming. Doesn’t forebode too well with anything you are trying to say in your column which was lacking a lot.

  101. WES says:

    I am a 40 year old white male that grew up with friends that were people, athletes, visionary brilliant charasmatic etc.. and oh yes the color of their skin was darker than mine. I have no idea what it is like to walk in your shoes Mr Johnson but it has to be painfull. Your way of “inspiring passion in people” by constantly bringing up issues of race in nearly everything you write boggles my mind. Recently some little priss said something that was thought of by you and I am sure now others that was a racial slur against Tiger Woods. I am sure she could have used a more appropriate word or scenario. However you mentioned in your article how if she is allowed back on air it would be a “Travesty”. This kind of over sensationalizing and calling for her to be punished has got to stop somewhere. You are a man capable of making great waves in the eradication of racism if you would see this girl as a goof with an error in judgement rather than an all out racially unbalanced commentator. I dont know her because as you pointed out she didnt even play in the LPGA (as if that had anything to do with it) I do know as a white person I have never thought of doning any klan gear or anything remotely racist and I doubt she thought of it in that manner either. We live in America we have the FREEDOM to say whatever comes to our heads. We do not always say the most appropriate thing but we have that right. I think Don Imus is an idiot but I believe he got “lynched” in a matter of speaking. Mr Johnson you were never a slave. You never had to endure the horable lives forced on them by ignorance. I am sure but from what I have learned about Martin Luther King Jr he would be ashamed of all the finger pointing and sandbox behavior of some of the people that could make a real difference in moving this country towards racial equality. ( Yes I believe you are one of those people) Tiger Woods in my opinion should man up and accept an honest and heart felt apology. Its not like it is going to have any effect on his game, his income or his FREEDOM. If anything it could show the world that people can make mistakes be forgiven and move on together as human beings regardless of what is said. I cant write anymore I am too sleepy but I think you get my point. Thanks for allowing me to post my opinion on your blog.

    GBA my Brother

  102. Tommy V says:

    I have seen several well respected names of black leaders mentioned in previous responses except Bill Cosby. I would be interested to read his opinion on this “lynching.” OH, and did I also read “Fairness” in your Bio? I think the accused as well as the accuser have made a mistake, but it is not a reason to “nuke” either one of the involved. Wonder what it would be like if we were all color blind. Would the past still be a problem. A mud-hole never clears up if it is stirred.

  103. tidefan00 says:

    Wow, your over-the-top peice on the “lynch Tiger’ comment was amusing. How is it ok for you to make misogynistic remarks against her in the very article you slam her for her insensitive remarks in? What a double-standard. I havent even heard of you before today, but wow, Ive read a few of your peices and I have to say, you are a character. I suppose thats your schtick, I dont know. But wow, either youre the biggest hypocrit Ive ever seen or just a clown. Not sure which.

    Climb down off your lofty perch and let he who is without sin, cast the first stone, huh?

  104. Harley says:

    Roy, you sir are a racist and will burn in eternal hell and damnation for your comments. How is a comment OK simply based on a person’s race? And given that, you are too blind to even realize that Tiger Woods is, genetically, more Asian than black.

    Please take off the racist goggles and enter reality, thanks!

  105. Swifty Lazaar says:

    Look at all the responses to your Golf Channel comment Roy! You’ve done it! You’re a one-trick-pony (with little writing talent) and you got all these white racist and apologists posting here and on Yahoo. You’ve done it my man! Savor your moment of fame….it won’t last long.

  106. Jeremie Vaught says:

    As an avid sports fan and reader of various sports articles I have never tried to contact a writer regarding an article written by him/her, until now. Did you see the response Tiger’s agent issued regarding the remarks made by Tilghman? Your article(s) are just another example of the media blowing something out of proportion and bringing negativity to the forefront. Aren’t there enough positive things out there for you to write about?

    Simply pathetic.

  107. luzzianacajun says:

    So much for a Tulsa education (joke). Hire a good editor before publishing (not a joke).


    Less than 5000 people were “lynched” over a 100 year period. Almost half were white republicans. Check out the section about all the other countries where lynchings occurred. The above idiot spouting that “hundreds of thousands” of blacks were lynched is either: 1. a retarded dumbass brainwashed fool 2. a dumbass graduate of Gambling, Southern, or some other degree pushing black college 3. an innocent retarded idiot that has been brainwashed by the history revisionist’s. 4. Jessie or Al

  108. Tim O says:

    Thanks to the poster Wes for some of the most reasoned thinking about your article. I hope thet you read it Mr Johnson and take heed. Your one sided diatribe has allowed racisim to flourish, shame on you.

  109. Scooter says:


    You are a lazy, pathetic blogger. Call for Tilghman’s job! Uea, that’s the ticket. She simply was making an attempt at humor and fell flat on her face.

    Before shooting off your mouth you might want to wait for Tiger’s statement (via manager) which has come out and this whole story is a “non – issue” .

    You may want to call Sharpton and Jackson and tell them their protests aren’t needed on this one.

  110. babbaboey says:

    Thinking about returning to SI, Roy? Oh yeah, they caught on to your schtick, huh?

  111. JC says:


    Your a pathetic idiot with your comments concerning Tilghman. All your trying to do if make a name for yourself by digging at whatever you can. You should never be allowed to write an artice again. You sound like a pathetic racist cry baby biggot. Your a loser and I hope I never hear or see anything you have written again.

  112. c9 says:

    a stupid comment to be sure. Tilghman’s firing would not be a shock. but Roy, that the Duke comment was the start of your blog article? wow, you’ve rewritten the history of that entire saga, and those players. it’s a good thing that we got to see Jesse and Al make the apologies to the Duke players…oh yeah, that never did happen did it?
    it’s all well and good when those committing the racist acts are proven guilty, but to bring them back to the forefront, after being cleared of their charges?? i guess your brand of racism is ok since it suits your purpose.

  113. Tom says:

    Racism does appear to be deep seeded as reflected by KLE13 comments.

  114. John says:

    I’m from Wyoming, and out there, a lynching was something done to horse thieves and cattle rustlers. So, if I were to use the word, I would be using in that context. It’s hard for me to imagine, though, a context where lynching Tiger is not offensive. Ignoring any racial overtones, she was saying that they should take him in an alley and kill him. That’s pretty outrageous, and I think unforgiveable. She should be fired.

    That being said, I think it is good that lynching is losing its meaning in this generation. I think in order to move beyond racisim, we have to move beyond our enslavement to words and their meanings. Parsing sentences every time someone says anything about a person of color is getting rather tiresome. That in itself helps fan the flames of discrimination.

    What is the goal? Everyone talks about how bad racism is, and how bad things were in this country for people of color. Duh. I think we know that. But what kind of America do we want to see in the future? What is our goal? I think too many people are stuck in the past, reliving and recounting past horrors. We need to start living in the now, and looking to the future.

    I would like a future where you can say what you want without taking into account the person’s color. Frankly, color of skin falls into the same category as color of the eyes for me. In other words, it’s not very important. But sometimes I wonder if that’s the new problem. Maybe a lot of black people still want color to matter? And if that’s the case, how can we ever get beyond two Americas: one white and one black.


  115. Karen DeShields says:

    “Case closed” on the Tiger Woods/Kelly Tilghman situation. Are you kidding?

    Lynching kills. One may be slapped and not die. One may be shot and not die. Lynching results in death. So my suggestion to you and other people who want to act like racism is not making a big come back in this country, is that you substitute the word “lynched” for “murdered” in Kelly’s sentence and THEN tell me, then write an article defending anyone’s right to broadcast the idea that someone should be killed by other people in a back alley. She didn’t say they should try to deal with Tiger on the golf course, she said, for all practical purposes that Tiger should be KILLED in a BACK ALLEY. And anyone who finds a way to defend that is asleep at the wheel.

    I am a Black women and I see, KNOW and fear the fact that racism is getting new life in the United States. And I see that people think they can say ANYTHING offensive and horrible that they want to and then run around apologizing and it’sjust fine and dandy. That’s not how the world works. Kelly needs to be fired. Period.

    This is not about Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or Kermit the Frog, this is about what came out of Kelly Tilghman’s mouth. How the [expletives deleted] did this woman not know what she was saying. She didn’t use the word “lynch” in reference to a cake recipe. She used it in refernce to a back alley murder. Man up, Ron. She was much more wrong than weeks suspension.

    Tiger said it was ok? Well, isn’t that wonderful! I don’t care what he said, I’m sure he was offended, but perhaps too busy to spend his time with this issue. But it remains an issue. It isn’t just Tiger’s issue, Ron, it’s my issue, your issue, Kelly’s issue, the Golf Channel’s issue, the country’s issue.

    It is not alright to get on the air and declare that one group of people should kill another person in a back alley. There is absolutely NO way to defend that. And yet you tried.

    Just because we’re “loose”, Ron, doesn’t mean that we are truly FREE! Hear what I say. One can holler racial slurs all one wants in the privacy of his/her home, but not on the air as a representative of a company–in this case the Golf Channel–and expect to get away with it. The punishment blew smoke up the ass of the crime, Ron, and I for one am very disappointed, but not surprised, at the denial.


  116. JIm Cash says:

    Gee Roy,

    I’m offended by your overt use of Venus Williams pictures to draw attention to your column. Apparently you believe you can use pictures of women (especially black women) in various poses and stages of undress to sell yourself. Maybe you should be suspended by Yahoo from any writings for a month.

    What you are doing is 1000 times as bad as what Kelly Tilghman did since you did it intentionally. Now THATS’S Sad.

    Get over it, quit trying to take every reference to the rascist point of view. Did people make the same comment about Jack Nicklaus in his prime as Kelly did? Of course. It’s only when SAD people like you step in do we even attach a color to Tiger. Maybe you want to, but the normal part of the world thinks of Tiger Woods and Tony Dungee as great Americans. We don’t limit their actions by thinking of them only as Black Americans. Their actions and skills, and personalities make them role models for evryone.

    They should also take any journalistic credentials you have away as limitations on freedom of speech is what you are talking about. Maybe you don’t remembe the 1950s and 1960s but I do and so do others. If you made positive comments about blacks people tried to censor you. Censorship works both ways. Your stance that she should be censored will only do harm to those who need to be spoken out for.

    SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  117. babbaboey says:

    Hey K.D…it’s ROY – not RON.

    Damn – and Roy thought he was now a household name! LOL

  118. Carlos Parter says:

    Nicely said… It is apparent that people still have a dream that you can say what you want and when you want with no recourse. What a foolish dream. The thing comes down to respect and diversity. You can not make someone who is a bigot or racist not a bigot or racist. However through respect they can accept the fact they may be who they are but not infringe on the rights of others and accept them for their differences. It takes education and moral values to escape the entrapment of racism and prejudice views.

  119. WES says:

    Even though I am far from the height of anger and frustration of the other night. I am happy to see I am not alone.I wanted to call for MR Johnson to be fired or atleast lose his title at the magazine. I am going to apply my on true feeling that Mr Johnson is just a human being that made a mistake or error in judgement and then forgive him and let it go.

  120. thebrotherreport says:

    Hello Mr. Johnson we’ve spoken from time to time in the past my name is Ron Glover. I just finished reading Third And A Mile – The Trials and Triumphs of The Black Quarterback, it was an excellent read I was happy to see your name listed among those who contributed to the book.

    I write for The Starting Five Sports Blog. I have a segment called Throwback Thursday where I go back in my time capsule and profile a player who is no longer in the limelight.

    Tomorrow my profile will be on Dooug Williams commemorating the 20th Anniversary of his historical Super Bowl victory. I have asked some writers to contribute something in regards to that day – Where you were, what did it mean to you, and where is the Black Quarterback headed? I would like to ask the same of you. I apologize for the short notice but whatever you can contribute will be great. You can forward it to my email address ronglov1972@hotmail.com
    If you can get it to me by 3pm EST Thursday that would be great.

    Thanks for your time

    Ron Glover

  121. […] About Roy S. Johnson […]

  122. Steve B. says:

    I first want to state that I very much enjoy reading your blogs. I do have a problem with your openly pro-black & anti-white remarks. I say “black” because I am black and an American. My parents, grandparents, great-grand parents, etc. were all American. My family came to America 6 generations ago from Africa. They were brought over as slaves. I do not know wether your family were slaves, but if so retributions have been made. Growing up as a black man in America has put forth opportunities that I would not have had as a white man. My Mother is a single parent. Because of this and the color of my skin, I was able to attend college for free. This would not have happened if I were white. My work ethic and morals have made me who I am today. I have not been repressed because of the color of my skin, nor have my family members. I find it offensive when black men, like yourself, continually write about how the black man is disappearing in sports. The black man is disappearing because we have become a lazy, disrespectful culture. People like you only inflame the thoughts that the white man is keeping us down. We (as a culture) think everyone owes us something. We choose to live in slums, have kids with random drug addicts, and start gangs. All this because we (as a culture) feel somehow oppressed. I may be a little off the subject, but people like yourself irritate the heck out of me. You made a good life for yourself because you wanted a good life. There are fewer and fewer whites in pro sports now than ever before. Why do you not blog about this situation.

    I am an American! That is it. No skin color. American! You are a racist. An American racist. Leave race out of your blogs and see how far you get.

  123. alex says:

    Mr. Johnson,
    Just finished reading your awful article on Psycho T, a name given to him by his black teammates. Not only is it completely plagiarized(citing Freeman doesn’t excuse blatant plagiarism, and I think SI ran an article on the same topic his freshman year), its completely misguided. I did a little research on you and found the race card seems to be the foundation of your writing topics.
    Let your merits hang on what you get paid to do. You don’t get paid to be a black man. You get paid to write. The underlying self deprecation in your writing equates to a black Woody Allen. Talk to you never.

  124. Anirban Ghosh says:


    You are an intelligent and articulate man. Your viewpoints are nuanced. To suggest that you should skew away from racial issues defeats the point of free speech: the ability to ponder on issues from any angle.

    I cannot say I agree with you all the time. Indeed, a recent article on Beyonce as the SI Dreamgirl is an example where I felt you were missing the idea that the primary demographic for SI’s swimsuit issue is Caucasian.

    However, I enjoy reading your observations. Your writing is engaging and accessible. I hope you continue writing this blog for the foreseeable future and look forward to them. One thing that I feel you should do a little more often is personal reflection from your own history. You have a rich set of experiences from covering sport events; it would be interested to see a juxtaposition of current events and lessons learned from the past.

    All the best.

  125. TL says:

    Roy- I enjoy your blog and link to it from my start-up blog, as well. Hope things are going well. TL

  126. Wendell Wallace says:

    Mr. Johnson,
    I enjoy your blog and the commentary you provide concerning the sport issues of the day. I currently have a blog that concentrates on the world of sports, but also ventures off into other topics that concern me and others in our community. My address is wendellwallace.wordpress.com and I would like to have the opportunity to interview you for putting audio content on my blog. Another request if possible would be if you could add me to your blogroll. I feel strongly in my abilities to produce an interesting, entertaining blog and hope your blog could introduce fellow bloggers to mine. Thank you for your time.

  127. […] out this cached entry from Yahoo! contributor Roy Johnson (ex of Sports Illustrated and the New York […]

  128. Wendell Wallace says:

    Mr. Johnson,
    I enjoy your blog and the commentary you provide concerning the sport issues of the day. I currently have a blog that concentrates on the world of sports, but also ventures off into other topics that concern me and others in our community. My address is wendellwallace.wordpress.com and I would like to have the opportunity to interview you for putting audio content on my blog. Another request if possible would be if you could add me to your blogroll. I feel strongly in my abilities to produce an interesting, entertaining blog and hope your blog could introduce fellow bloggers to mine. Thank you for your time.

  129. TK says:

    About your recent column on Federer:

    What a junk “nothing else to write about so we’ll prematurely(by 4 or more years) talk about Fed losing his skills and retiring. Journalism like this is just lazy. The man had mono for the first part of the year and still has lost only 6 times. With Andre Agassi and Carlos Moya having and still, in Moya’s case, playing top 15 tennis into their 30’s, makes the story even more fabricated. Ask anyone in the top hundred, who they’d least like to play in the 3rd round in Wimbledon or the US Open out of Fed, Djokovic, Nadal, Roddick, Nalbandian etc etc and 99 out of 100 say someone other than Roger. I love how the media loves to turn on players like Fed that give back to the sport and keep tennis’ standards high, just for the sake of writing a weekly column. Trash guys like Baghdatis, Mikhail/Dmitry/Marat or a cheater like Davydenko….not the good guys that truly love the sport and give it their all every tournament.

  130. Mike says:

    Your mama raised a fool. She named him Roy.

  131. Tim O'Donnell says:

    So now your next target is the Tour de France. They should quit racing for 3 years just so they can continually test people to get the cheaters out? Why punish the 98% of them that are legit? You are way off base, don’t know what you’re talking about, and way out of your league. Stick to a sport you know at least SOMETHING about. The way the tour is handling it is great. Bam, you’re gone for 2 years. They should make it 5 and eventually the knuckleheads that are trying to cheat know they can’t win and will stop doping. Speaking of doping, is that why you wrote a column on a sport you know nothing about?

  132. hustleandfloe says:

    Hello, Roy. Glad to see some good sport in the blogosphere …that both inspires the good sports and the bad sports among us.

    At any rate, do find here an invitation to my inaugural post on http://throwbackbasketball.wordpress.com.

    This is how I play and write. I have even run a tournament called “ICEBALL 3-on-3: Are the skills still ill in the wind chill?” with top-notch players from nike, and1, and the neighborhood ballin’ for love (and 3g’s winner take all) in the middle of February outdoors at W.4th.

    We’ll be doing that again…

    Throwback Basketball.

    Much peace


    …also on AdAge: balling in a different way http://adage.com/bigtent/index?sid=Eric%20Henderson

  133. Roy, I appreciate you taking the time to school the public on the inner workings of the “game.”

    As a former pro myself you have the system down pat. Thanks for you time brother and pay no attention to detractors, for they are merely envious!!

  134. robert says:

    I loved your article on the westchester school and how you made me respond. I am white and have a 16 year old son that wants to be black. Now that’s progress Thanks Robert

  135. Ludovic says:

    Hello Roy,

    It’s Blogday 2008 and you are in my selection of blogs for this year on http://www.bostral.com ,

    See ya,

  136. […] obviously not at Sports Illustrated anymore. Roy S. Johnson made it in after that and Phil Taylor after that. I don’t think their voices would have been […]

  137. Whats up Roy?

    Man you need a Blog on ESPN, if they let Lil Wayne Blog, well you get the picture…..


  138. Patrick Filkins says:

    Roy, oh Roy,
    I just read your article on Yahoo Sports about how Vick “deserves” to play in the NFL again. You’re a joke man, a complete joke. Not only was your article written on the level of 5th grader, but your driving point highlights your lack of understanding about how people love animals, and how many people consider them as important to their daily lives as they would another person. Vick killed, mutilated, and profited from the suffering and degradation of another species. In America, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, and I’ll give you that one. That being said, I don’t know how you sleep at night, but let me spin it for you this way. Have you ever owned a dog, or any pet for that matter? Well let’s take them and throw them in a ring and have them fight it out to the death. My guess is you might be a bit angry about that. Or from your writing you’d be there tossing 20 spots out like everyone else. The day you quit or retire is the day that sports journalism benefits. I don’t care how long you’ve been alive, or what you think you know about what entitles you to write from the perspective you feel your must write from. Keep sports pure, and keep your misguided juvenile train-wreck articles off the internet.

  139. Mel says:

    Roy, beating dogs to death or drowning them or hanging them is not really anything someone can say he is “sorry” for doing. I was raised in the country and have seen dogs being “put down” for illness or injury or because they were dangerous around children or adults. Out there the most humane way was shooting them in the head. I never met anyone having to experience that, either doing it or watching it done, that enjoyed the experience. For Michael Vick and his friends to hang, drown or beat to death dogs…. something is seriously wrong with them. This is not a crime he can just do his time for or say he is sorry for or make amends for. He could do the same thing again, and would, if he was guaranteed he would not get caught. He ENJOYED it! It was FUN! There is no place in sports, or in a civilized society for that matter, for people like him and his dogfighting friends. They are basically “inhumane”. They lack compassion and pity, they are cruel and brutal. They enjoy causing suffering, killing without that would not be nearly as much fun for them.

  140. Shirly Giagone says:


    I visited your sports blog Ballers, Gamers and Scoundrels at https://passtheword.wordpress.com/. You have really great articles and I’m glad I found your site.

    I would like to know if you’re accepting guest blog posts, I’d like to send you an original blog entry on basketball which I think would fit nicely with your site. I’m doing this for free but would only require 1 backlink in the article to my site.

    Please let me know if you’re interested in publishing this basketball blog entry so I can send it to you for publication soon.

    Thank you

    Shirly Giagone

  141. Bryan says:


    I am interested in Purchasing a text link on your site. How much would you charge for that?



  142. EJB says:

    I have a friendly little question regarding your source on statements quoted in an article. If you could please e-mail me regarding this, it would be a tremendous help! I want to make sure that the correct person is cited!

  143. Bankshotz says:

    Wow Mr. Johnson,
    What a great site!!! I really like your work and you do a really good job on the sports reporters. As I am a aspiring sports writer, what advice can you give me in order to make it big time like yourself? Check out my website. http://www.courtcred.com. The news source of the hardwood. P.S. Marc Alexander says hi, he’s a buddy of yours and I just so happen to work with him. What a small world huh?

  144. Shelia says:


    You sure make it hard to find you, lol.

    I read a post of yours on Zina’s Garrison’s lawsuit against the USTA a short while ago. I posted the item on my site ‘Black Tennis Pro’s,’ with credit to you of course. I had previously posted something on this, but I like different perspectives.

    Nice to finally ‘track’ you down.

    Take Care,


  145. frank zio says:

    I found your disparaging quotation about, “Anthony I-don’t-look-black Ervin,” to be obtuse and one sided. You are assuming that every African American athlete must take up this mantle of American Blackness, without regard to an athletes humility, or respect for the purity of sport.

  146. Hi Mr. Johnson,

    I am Derrick Roberts of Derrick Roberts Productions, Inc.

    I am a New York City high-end lighting designer/event producer for major fortune 100 + 500 companies as well as high-profile individuals. I produced (Joan Rivers) daughter Melissa Rivers wedding as well as acclaimed film director Barry Levinson’s daughter Michelle’s wedding for Martha Stewart weddings. I am also a contributing editor for Oprah Home magazine.

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  148. Fallon says:

    Hello Ballers, Gamers, and Soundrels’ Owner

    My name is Fallon Wilson and I’m a graduate assistant working with Dr. Cathy Cohen at the University of Chicago and principal investigator of the Black Youth Project. The Black Youth Project is a national research project launched in 2003 focused on highlighting the attitudes, resources, and culture of African American youth ages 15 to 25. In an attempt to support the work and voices of black youth we are completely revamping our website to include more content, blogs by black youth as well as the first ever public database of rap music lyrics and videos. I am leaving this short message to see if you would be willing to send me your email address so that we at the Black Youth Project can send you information about the revised Black Youth Project website. You can email me with any questions and your e-mail at info@blackyouthproject.com.

  149. hunter walters-mccarthy says:

    I’m Irish man. I actually enjoy the Irish stereotype of a drunken, red-headed midget with an anger problem. Now, that is obviously more offensive than a uncivilized redskin with a football fetesh. What I am trying to say is that I look to the “Fighting Irish” with pride like Larry Byrd or Micky Ward. I’m guessing, since you were a man of the civil rights, you celebrated Jackie Robinson or later followed the careers of Ali or Foreman. Thats what the Redskins are, a point of pride to the people of Native blood. Sure, some will not find the symbolism as a tribute to their former peoples’ greatness. Those people, however, have self-esteem issues that stem from something more evident than a sports team.

  150. […] Roy S. Johnson, editor-in-chief of Men’s Fitness Magazine says he is not surprised by the results. “Most people who support Tiger and what he stands for on the golf course will continue to support him as long as he continues to show he is becoming a better person and continues to not just play well, but dominate,” says Johnson. “His career is not over; he’ll play again within a year. He’s clearly been humbled.” […]

  151. Larry says:

    Roy, don’t know whether you are a racist, (suspect you are) but based upon reading your words re: Seahawks fine money being used to “develop minority coaches” – would it be okay with you then if the Seahawks chose to develop only Mexican and Chinese up-and-comers?

    Thought so. Snicker.

    PS: Who pays you to write such black-centric drivel?

  152. Kelly says:

    I have read several of your articles and in my humble opinion you are an idiot. How does it feel to get a job solely on the color of your skin and not the content of your intelligence? From the articles I’ve read that is the only logical explanation.

  153. Thomas O'Leary says:

    Wonderful article by Mr. Johnson on shared blame for steroid use. Baseball is truly an interesting game. When the players get to the highest levels, they are often still known by the nicknames of their youth. Many never attend college, and those that do, the best are often signed before their sophomore year. Some hardly had the chance to grow up, and some never do. It is absolutely ridiculous to witness this continuing charade of ballplayers “trooped out” as though they alone bear 100% responsibility for using PED’s. Grown, educated, older and very knowledgeable men oversaw these youthful transgressors, and at times when steady hands could have avoided the mess. KEEPING Mr. Selig in the Commissioner’s spot, all during the “era,” and the follow-up one-way player bashing, will eventually come to be seen as an insult to the integrity of the game. There will never be exoneration for the players, but there will be a tab that Baseball’s management will have to pay. Bravo Mr. Johnson!

  154. Chris says:

    Roy What a pleasant surprise coming upon your blog. I am a relative latecomer to the online world. I enjoyed your work at SI and look forward to reading your posts. I discovered your blog, via ESPN.Com, after reading your Richard Williams article, which is what I wanted to comment on. Why would any organization welcome a man, who has hatred and contempt for anyone without the same skin color, and who has essentially responded to their past entreaties with a figurative raised middle finger? Clearly you know Mr. Williams and I do not, but I think this adage is applicable to the situation; you can take the man out of Compton, but you can’t take the Compton out of the man. Sincerely, Chris Schuette

  155. Todd Klein says:

    Hi Roy
    Mr. Square tells me you were pretty smart at Dunbar Elementary. He thinks you could have been a contender on the diamond if this editing thing hadn’t got in the way.

  156. Tom says:

    Thanks for your good column on John Thompson III. I am a Georgetown alum and have only one point on your column. In 1999, Georgetown lost to Princeton in the NIT not the NCAA Tournament. Sadly, I remember that game. I also think JT3 was an assistant at Princeton during that game. JT2 retired mid-season that year.

  157. Matt says:

    Hi Roy – Need to chat.

  158. eric says:

    How did you not mention the film Fear Strikes Out in your piece on Mind Games (Dontrelle Willis) for ESPN.com. Classic.

  159. eric says:

    How did you not mention the film Fear Strikes Out in your piece on Mind Games (Dontrelle Willis) for ESPN.com? Classic.

  160. Schindler says:

    cool picsxx

  161. Peter Bradley says:

    Hey Roy, so I’m not about to accuse you of plagiarism, but I wrote an article making almost exactly the same damn point as you did earlier in the day today. But when I read yours, I started to wonder if you tend to go fishing for ideas in the obscure online realm of “dudes who should be writing about nonverbal garbage but actually write about baseball” on examiner.com. If that’s not the case, we obviously have similar opinions on matters as such. How does one get your email address so we can talk some business and about how I get myself and my words in to superstardom and turn it in to a little dough-re-mi if you know what I’m saying? My email is pmb184@gmail.com. Talk to me, do it.

  162. bilbo bagans says:

    Jus read ur article on espn.com about illegal aliens and it has nothing to do with jackie robinson and the civil rights act. America made mistakes. Slavery was wrong and no human being should have to go through that. Everytime a minority is brought up we go back to the civil rights. If ur an illegal alien in this country u shud be thrown in jail or deported. Its just a fact. Also we are all americans. If u were born here then ur an american. Not asian american african american. We shud all be classified as american because we stand for the same thing the united states of america. Be proud of where ur ancestor came from but u represent america just like me. If we continue to view our world as the way u wrote ur column we will always have racial issues. Grow up and realize the past is the past and it was wrong but america has learned from her mistakes. We are all free men so let’s be free and move on.

  163. Wallace Bever says:

    Just read the ESPN piece on “Baseball, Immigration and Arizona,” which states that it’s a disgrace that foreign citizens in the United States have to carry identification and that – via the Jackie Robinson era – we’ve been there before.

    This is an incredible disservice to the African American community, of which some will read an be influenced by the piece.

    There are two parts of reality to consider. First, there’s no country in the world – except, by and large, the United States – that will let tens of millions of foreign people wander around without appropriate documentation. If a gringo gets picked up in Mexico without papers, he’ll spend time in the tank until someone produces it on his behalf or the State Department intervenes.

    Second, and this is really sad, we have begun to arrive at a point in history where African Americans can enjoy the fruits of our nation. I’m not talking about the African American community’s counterparts to Appalachian hillbilly meth addicts or other losers, but about people who want the good life and put out something to get it.

    But, try as they may, they’re going to feel the crushing burden of 40+ million non-taxpaying, social service consuming guests. Between terrible foreign trade policies and next-to-slave labor provided by Central Americans, employment opportunities have been crushed. That has led to tax deficits at the state level, especially in illegal alien rich states like California and Arizona, and attendant reduction in education, health care and other services needed to create and maintain the society to which we’ve become accustomed.

    Honestly, I’m not going to suffer, not even at age 60 looking forward to a crumbling retirement security and health care system. But the black (or white, brown, red or yellow) kid who’s scrapping his or her way through college, the military or just working for it? They’re being hammered and it’s only going to get worse.

  164. Hey Roy,

    Not sure if you ever feature guest posters on your blog, but I have a story about the recent battle to legalize mixed martial arts in New York state I would love to share with you and your readers. As it stands right now, NY is only one of 5 other states which outlaw the sport. If you are at all interested, please send me an email at alexia@mmaindustries.com


    -Alexia Krause

  165. Greg H says:

    Hey Roy,

    Just read your ESPN Column re: A-Rod, (I concur, yawn.)….You forgot to mention Jim Thome on your list 400+ Active HR guys…he should get 600 next year, (someone will pick him up.) He currently has 576. Thanks for writing, I enjoy your work!

    Greg H

  166. Tim says:


    Just read your article on ESPN regarding College Academics and the attention or lack of that it gets. I agree with you on many points. As a small college basketball coach, I too believe that a greater emphasis should be placed on academics for “student”-athletes…

    But there is one thing that you fail to mention…

    The reason these coaches don’t discuss academics or their players progress on their “History Midterms” as you describe, is because coaches get hired/fired for WINNING and LOSING. If coaches got big contracts for graduation rates and got fired for sub-par performance in the classroom – I bet we’d have fewer one-and-dones and more 4.0’s being recruited!!! Forget the coaches who might night have the cleanest of reputations (Cough, Coach Cal, Cough), think of how many coaches get fired after .500 years and above average graduation rates. Happens all the time! So, until coaches get fired for graduation rates, and not for W’s/L’s, don’t expect anything to change. Don’t blame the coaches for not bringing up academics, blame you the media, me the fan, Mr. $$$ the booster… They are the one’s who call for a coaches firing after a .500 year!

  167. Mike Aikins says:

    Roy, I am feeling this man! I am just getting starting writing and I can dig a lot of the things you talk about. I want to connect with and network! Check me out at

  168. Lori says:

    Hi Roy,

    I am glad to see that you have become so successful and made such good use of your Stanford education. Congrats. I am actually trying to reach a mutual friend from almost 35 years ago. Dave Sylvester. If you are still in touch, I’d love to say hello.

    Thanks, Lori (Rogers) Amato

  169. Ed says:

    Hi Roy,
    I just saw you on sport reporters…great insight. I was wondering if you lived in Atlanta late 70`s. You look like someone who dated my sister around that time. I was wondering if it was you? Her name was Beverly Butler, I used to watch you and her play racketball over at a club off Powers Ferry Rd. I was just wondering because you look so much like him. Whether your the Roy I remember or not I love your sports insight and will follow your blog. Best wishes.

  170. R. Pick says:

    Hey Roy, it was good to see you back on TSR this past Sunday!!

  171. Roy, I just had to find a place to type to you about your Vick article. Awesome stuff. You’re a presumably older (yet still lookin’ damn good), studied, very conscious black man, and I’m a younger (about to turn 30), small-town, yet very curious white boy. One paragraph in particular resonated with me. “He can show us that someone who was once arrogant, self-centered, and awash in entitlement can throw off those traits and become about something other than himself, something bigger and infinitely more important.”

    I love it. And it could’ve been written about me, for far different reasons, at this point in my life. Keep writing, sir. And it’s awesome that I came to your blog, because I had no idea you edited men’s fitness. I bought a subscription for my dad a year ago that he subsequently gave to me, and it might be my favorite magazine that I’ve read consistently in my life. Keep doin’ what you do, sir. Take care.


  172. Alvin Hollins Jr says:

    Roy, I enjoyed your recent column on the academic performance of HBCUs…
    As a former SID at one HBCU and graduate of another, it is indeed shameful that we (speaking of HBCUs in general now) have essentially abandoned the great charge given us by Booker T. Washington and Mary McLeod Bethune to educate and graduate first, by diverting monies we really don’t have into athletics, trying to keep up with the power conferences and other White schools at the FCS and Division Two levels.
    Even the great HBCU coaching legends like Jake Gaither, Ace Mumford, Pop Long, John Merritt, John McClendon, Bighouse Gaines, were also faculty members, meaning that education and graduation was a priority, especially in those days when segregation closed many doors and a degree was a way out.
    Now, I think the decline of the Black family (home is where most education begins and is reinforced) in particular has led to the falling off of Black youngsters in the K-12 years educationally, which means that a portion of the youngsters who do graduate from high school may not be college material, which is where HBCUs used to excel – taking lemons that is and making something good.
    Plus, I think our priorities are wrong at many of these HBCUs, where we barely have the monies for support staff in academic advisement/monitoring/tutoring and rules compliance, but ADs, football and basketball coaches are paid six figure salaries.
    Some of those schools (Southern, Jackson State, Grambling) with the postseason bans, could suffer loss of Division I certification for their entire athletic program as the next and final punishment if they don’t get their acts together.
    BTW, Avery Johnson attended Southern University’s main campus in Baton Rouge. The New Orleans campus (SUNO) is just a branch campus in the Southern University System.

  173. Hope Zinde says:

    Dear Roy,

    i read yo article abt Tyler Perry in Ebony magazine…. fascinating indeed, t’was an interesting read indeed…

    I am a South African living in the capital Pretoriam a broadcast journalist, international relations scholar and a marketing comms consultant … in the process of securing a television channel and launch my own talk show… i plan venture into film production having produced documentaries before… therefore, i wish to make contact with TP in the hope of getting advise if not securing his professional directorial services …. your assistance will be highly appreciated… you may contact me on hopezinde@yahoo.com and get in touch via facebook and twitter..

    best regards
    Hope Zinde…

  174. Dear Roy,

    i read yo article abt Tyler Perry in Ebony magazine…. fascinating indeed, t’was an interesting read indeed…

    I am a South African living in the capital Pretoriam a broadcast journalist, international relations scholar and a marketing comms consultant … in the process of securing a television channel and launch my own talk show… i plan venture into film production having produced documentaries before… therefore, i wish to make contact with TP in the hope of getting advise if not securing his professional directorial services …. your assistance will be highly appreciated… you may contact me on hopezinde@yahoo.com and get in touch via facebook and twitter..

    best regards
    Hope Zinde…

  175. Sam says:

    Hi Roy,

    I just got done reading your article about Tim Tebow, and would like to share my point of view. While I am not a Cristian, I think Tebow is a wonderful person. However, I think a lot of the hate coming his way stems from the way the media is playing up his story. You can’t turn on the TV without hearing him praised as the “savior” or “messiah”, which is rather sickening. People are glorifying him for his beliefs, not his performance. Don’t get me wrong, his comebacks have been impressive and I am well aware that players often attribute their performance to their faith. However, the Tebow story is only as big as it is because they can play up the religion aspect. If he wants to talk about his faith, that’s fine! But if I’m faced with hearing about it hour after hour on ESPN I begin to wonder if the NFL is even about football anymore. Also, there is no double standard for speaking about religion. Anyone who disagrees is labeled as inherently bad, and obviously must be out to get people who believe. I think this is a great misconception; many, myself included, just want to enjoy the game without the media force-feeding religious ideals down our throats. It’s not Tebow himself, but the media coverage.

  176. socalsoxfan says:

    Hi Roy,

    I read your article about Tebow and I want to thank you for being bold enough to write such a piece. As a Christian and a Lions fan I was very troubled by the actions of the two players you mentioned. Mr. Tulloch said that he spoke with Tim afterwards and that he understood he wasn’t mocking his faith. Not sure I completely buy that, but Tim handled the situation with grace.
    My personal struggle with the behavior of my favorite team was recently offset by the stories of Kevin Smith and Alfonso Smith. Both are Christians who dealt with adversity to secure positions with the Lions and have become a big part of their playoff run.
    Thank you again.

  177. Jason Scott says:


    I found your blog because I missed “Pass the Word” from Men’s Fitness. I don’t think a letter from the editor of a magazine ever caught my eye, but yours did. You always had an insightful and uplifting message. I made sure that your column was the first article that I read from that magazine. I was sorry to see you go. I hope your wife and family are doing well. I look forward to catching you here and on twitter.

  178. Tayo Rockson says:

    Hi Roy,

    As a long time fan of LeBron James and sports i thought I should share this. I hope you enjoy reading it: http://tayorocksonspeaks.com/2012/06/23/the-road-to-redemption-for-lebron-james-and-how-it-applies-to-everyone-22/


  179. femdom cams says:

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    Keep up the very good works guys I’ve included
    you guys to my blogroll.

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