Tony Romo: Uno Caliente Hombre

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RSJ Update II: Maybe Tony Romo will recover from this. Maybe he’ll ignore the spotlight, cut all of the BS out of his life (see: Carrie Underwood) and focus on simply being the best QB he can be. Everything happens in life for good reason. I do not know Romo’s faith but I pray that he knows the fumbled snap that ended the Cowboys’ season, as much as it hurts tonight and for some time, will someday seem like a blessing. He is not a Pro Bowl QB, and does not deserve to go to Hawaii. He is not a superstar, either. Maybe now he’ll have a chance to be both.

RoySJ Update: Romo recovered from a horrendous performance last Sunday to lead the Cowboys to a vital 38-28 victory over Michael Vick and the Falcons Saturday night in ATL. EL HOMBRE in Dallas completed 22 of 29 attempts for 278 yards. He threw for two TDs with only one INT.

Tony Romo is about to be annointed the new HWBIA – Hottest White Boy in America. Among jocks, Tom Brady once rocked it like that. Andy Roddick, too. Romo threw five TD passes in the Dallas Cowboys’ 38-10 stomping of Tampa Bay on Turkey Day, and had folks mentioning him in the same breath as the ‘Boy legend Troy Aikman, who, coicidentially, called the game for Fox. Yet after the game, Aikman’s broadcast compadre, Joe Buck, couldn’t wait to ask Romo about something very non-fotball related: Rumors he’s dating Jessica Simpson.

Now, that’s real-deal HWBIA stuff.

There’s a glitch, though. Romo’s Latino. Mexican American to be on point.

Ramiro and Phyllis Romo, his paternal grandparents, are Mexican. Born there. They raised Tony’s father, Ramiro, in Burlington, Wisc., where he still lives with Tony’s mom, Joan. That makes hearthrob Tony Romo a second-generation Mexican American.

I’ve never met Romo, but from what I’ve been able to read about him, he and his father do not shy away from their heritage. (Although Romo’s My Space page says he’s “White/Caucasian”).

Neither Aikman nor Buck mentioned it at all during the Thanksgiving Day telecast, and I’ve not heard it mentioned during any previous Cowboy telecasts.

That’s too bad because it would add special sauce to Romo’s hot run. He’s the ‘Boys ninth starting QB since Aikman retired in 2000, and he’s shaping up as the story of the year in the NFL. The ‘Boys were 3-3 when head coach Bill Parcells yanked starter Drew Bledsoe and inserted the little-known 26-year-old behind the center against the New York Giants in Dallas. The Giants feasted on the fresh QB. But since then, Dallas is 4-1 and sitting comfortably atop the NFC East – two games ahead of the NYG heading into this Sunday’s showdown at The Meadowlands.

The ‘Boys are balanced, with decent talent on both sides of the ball. And Romo, with quick feet and a quirky sling-shot delivery, seems to be the spark needed to pull it all together.

If it plays out well, Romo, 26, might become the most celebrated Latino NFL Baller ever, surpassing Hall of Fame offensive tackle Anthony Munoz and other Latino players, including Philadelphia QB Jeff Garcia and Kansas City tight end Tony Gonzalez.

Not to be overlooked amid the current euphoria/hype is the fact that Romo’s journey and success are testament to the ‘Boys’ patience – something that simply no longer exists for young QBs. He didn’t throw a single pass during his first three NFL seasons. He played in only six games in 2004, 16 games last season, mostly in conservative mop-up situations. Instead he studied and learned – as much what not to do as how to play the position. He watched Vinny Testeverde, Drew Henson, Bledsoe and others fumble, stumble and bumble their way through, hugging his clipboard throughout.

Today, young guns like Vince Young, Matt Leinart and (soon-to-be-starter in Denver) Jay Cutler are thrown onto the field before the ink on their rookie contracts is dry. And I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

Of course, Romo was so un-hyped he wasn’t even on ESPN Draft guru Mel Kiper, Jr’s, laptop. He threw for a gazillion yards at Eastern Illinois, and was the offensive player of the year in Division I-AA. Ten QBs were selected in the 2003 draft; Romo wasn’t among them.

Eastern Illinois alum Sean Payton – then a Cowboys assistant and currently head coach of the New Orleans Saints – tipped the ‘Boys on Romo, and he was signed as a free agent.

Prominent Mexican Ballers in NFL history:

  • Anthony Muñoz – The Cincinnati Bengals’ great offensive lineman was the first player of Mexican descent elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • Tom Flores – The first person ever to earn a Super Bowl ring as a player (Chiefs, Super Bowl IV), assistant coach (Raiders, Super Bowl XI) and head coach (Raiders, XV).
  • Joe Kapp – Quarterbacked the Minnesota Vikings to a berth in Super Bowl IV.
  • Jim Plunkett – Earned Most Valuable Player honors in Super Bowl XV, leading the Raiders to a championship.
  • Tony Casillas – Defensive tackle helped the Dallas Cowboys win consecutive championships in Super Bowl XXVII and XXVIII.
  • Max Montoya – Four-time Pro Bowl guard played in two Super Bowls with the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • Raul Allegre – Enjoyed a nine-year career as a kicker, leading the 1986 Giants in scoring and helping the club to a victory in Super Bowl XXI.
  • Donnie Edwards – A respected 11-year veteran Inside Linebacker with the San Diego Chargers.

If anyone knows of any Mexican Ballers in other sports, holla.


114 thoughts on “Tony Romo: Uno Caliente Hombre

  1. Cowboy Fan and Hsipanic says:

    Roy, what do you mean by “Too bad” ?

    “Too bad because Romo’s hot run as the Cowboys ninth starting QB since Aikman retired in 2000 is shaping up as the story of the year in the NFL.”

  2. Too bad his ethnicity has been overlooked by major television media. It makes the Romo story even better.

  3. Jose Lopez says:

    Donnie Edwards of the San Diego Chargers is half Mexican. Just thought I’d menttion it ……

  4. Edgar Arauz says:

    Why should it matter if he is white, mexican, or black!!??? People want to be seen as equals in this country, so quit making a big deal about race!!

  5. Thanks for your passionate post, Edgar. I really appreciate it. Interestingly this item has by far been the most well-read of any on my blog. Way by far. And I have received numerous emails from Latinos who are proud to know that one of their own is doing so well.
    Personally, I am just old enough to remember segregation. I know how far we’ve come. But I also know how far we have to go. I have lived much of my professional life as the “only” when I knew so many others were deserving of an opportunity. I was recently laid off by a company where I was only black male in senior editorial management and it didn’t seem to matter at all to them. (How’s that for equality?! 🙂 ).
    Race was, is and, at least for awhile, be a big deal in America. It ain’t just me.
    Btw, have you been following the story in New York of the three unarmed black men were shot 50 times by cops a few days ago? One died. He was to be married later that day. Do you think for a minute that three white men would be shot 50 times?

  6. Steve Pickett says:

    Greetings Roy from your Okla. homie.
    I don’t think Dallas media (and I’m a member of that fraternity) has touched on Romo’s ethnicity. That may be a result of their (our) lack of knowledge regarding it (that’s why I read your blog), or his apparent hesitancy to highlight it. Remember, hispanics are an ethnic group, not a racial group. Hispanics are of European/Anglo, African and Indigenous/Native ancestry.
    So technically, Romo can be HWBIA and still be Mexican. Raquel Welch, Rita Hayworth and others have downplayed heritage, in exchange for pop culture hype.
    66% of all public schoolchildren in Dallas are hispanic. 90% of them are of Mexican descent. 500,00 people marched in downtown Dallas in support of illegal immigrants’ contributions to economy and workforce. The Dallas Cowboys have one of the largest fan followings in Spanish TV & Radio. In other words, it all adds up to “mucho dinero” for Mr. Romo, if he is down with La Familia. Roy, I think you’ve given me a feature story for my newscast.

  7. Hey Roy,

    Shouldn’t Tony Gonzales be on that list with Joe “The Bear will not quit, the Bear will not die” Kapp? I think his family is of Mexican heritage.

  8. Juan says:

    Thanks for bringing that up about Romo.

    Here are some more Mexicans in sports that were kind of on the under.

    Earl Watson- mixed race
    Mark Aguirre-mixed race
    Eduardo Najera

    Adam Archuleta- mixed race
    JP Losman- mixed race

    Lots of guys in baseball. Too many to mention. But some more prominent names from yesteryear (Reggie Jackson and Ted Williams)

  9. Terry Martinez says:

    I am a female football fan to the mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmax! I can even play the game better than most men (ask my kids.. I have four} My father is a mexican, a super Mex, and my mother is a beautiful blonde from Kentucky {kinda like Diane Sawyer} I claim to be hispanic, although, I am only half {the really good half}. Is Tony Romo like me? If he is , I may jump on the” band wagon”…..I have been hesitant so far, and I am a huge Manning fan from way back in the Archie days. My oldest son even played against Eli’s team in H.S. in a playoff. My son’s team was the victor {Christian Life Academy in Baton Rough, LA} I need to know!

  10. Mario Longoria says:

    I salute the above individuals who contributed excellent information on Chicano/Latino/Hispanic athletes. It is a great feeling to read the names of Latino athletes who, when given the opportunity to compete have do so in great fashion and accomplishment. Tony Romo is definitely on the road to greatness and Latinos everywhere should support and speak about them.
    Later in December the Dallas Cowboys play the Philadelphia Eagles in a game that will feature, for the first time in NFL competition, two mexican American quarterbacks. It is a historical first in the NFL and Professional football and I encourage everyone to watch the game.

  11. Mario Longoria says:

    I forgot to mention the other Mexican American quarterback. He is Jeff Garcia, who replaced Donovan McNabb, who is out with an injury.

  12. Rene Gomez says:

    Mr. Johnson,

    I loved your article on Romo. Not only because I’m a Cowboys fan, but also because I’m a Mexican American. It’s good to see a fellow Mexican making it in the NFL as a quarterback. 60 years ago after returning from WWII my grandfather settled his family in Dallas. He returned to a city that basically didn’t want him. Most restaurants wouldn’t serve Mexicans, as it was still highly segregated at the time. My grandfather spoke of occassions in which he would take my father and his siblings out for hamburgers, however he would have to knock on the restaurants back door in the alley to make his purchase. So when I see the success of Tony Romo, I think of my late grandfather and what he endured in those days & what he would think of Tony Romo leading his beloved Dallas Cowboys.

    To answer you inquiry on Mexican ballers Ron Rivera who was a linebacker for the Bears, and is now a defensive coordinator. If I think of anybody else I’ll hollar back.

  13. juan says:

    roberto garza currently playing with the bears; rolando cantu, mexican born, plays with the cardinals; tommy nuñez, nba ref. these are some that i had heard of but forgot their names since they are not so well known. i also think their are some mexicans that play baseball and soccer ; )

  14. Mario Longoria says:

    Mr. Johnson,
    Thanks for the opportunity. For a forty year history of Mexicano/Latino professional football players see the following book: Athletes Remembered: Mexicano/Latino Professional Football Players, 1929-1970. Tempe: Bilingual review Press, 1997.. The book highlights 39 Mexican/Latino athletes who played in the NFL, AFL, CFL, and other leagues during that forty year period and is an on-going project. Interestingly, the Mexican pro football athletes in the forties and fifties were runningbacks. For example, Eddie saenz, USC, Washington Redskins, 1946-1951, Lupe Joe Arenas, Omaha University, San Francisco 49ers, 1951-1957, Primo Villanueva, UCLA, British Columbia Lions, 1955-1958, Bobby Cavazos, Texas Tech, 1954 Chicago Cardinals, Gonzalo Morales, St. Mary’s University, Pittsburgh Steelers, 1947-1948. Just to name a few. These athletes did not ride the bench, they played and some of them hold NFL Year/Season records in Kick-off return yardage.
    Also, check out the ProFootball Hall of Fame website, section on “History” to view Latino “First” information in the history of the NFL

  15. Danny Barraza says:

    Hey Roy, this is great that someone is showing how Chicano’s have been successful in the NFL. It shows the positive side of us from a sports perspective. It’s being long overdue Roy, and for one, I appreciate what your doing. This is a very positive thing your doing, it gives us role models and to some extent heroes. It shows that as a people we have a beatiful side, and not always the negative side which the media and society sometime show or write about. This is very positive for the Chicano/Latino youth. For one, it brightens up my day when I read about a Chicano doing well in his/or her field, either it be in the sports theater,accedamic, proffessional, or any other positive entity. Keep up the good work.

    Danny Barraza, San Jo, Califas

  16. Tim E says:


    I have a quick question. It as been rumored that Tony Romo has changed his name. A friend of mine said that there was a report on ESPN about ROMO changing his name. Is there any truth to that rumor?

    Tim, Fort Worth, TEXAS

  17. Mario Longoria says:

    Tony Romo’s real name is Antonio Ramiro Romo. He did not change his name. It was changed for him by linguistically-challenged individuals who cannot pronounce Spanish names. For example, “Antonio” is changed to “Tony.”

    Mario Longoria

  18. PepeLui says:

    here is one for you guys, Glenn Cadrez. He’s got two Super Bowl Rings with the Denver Broncos as the starting outside linebacker. He’s from El Centro CA, and played for Central High, went to Houston University and got drafted by the Jets. Great guy who always hustled like crazy! He’s Mexican.

  19. Dave from Chicago says:


  20. Mario Longoria says:

    I believe Tony Romo’s mother is German. A heads up on FOX Sports. They do not research any history of games, players, or coaches. They just announce and make up stuff as they go along. The exception to this rule is of course, the former players and coaches they have on staff that announce. If you’ll notice just how different their perspectives are from the others.

    Mario Longoria

  21. Alejandro Hernandez says:

    I am a mex but also was a sailor in the Navy in San Diego for 20 years. So I guess that makes me half mex and half sailor?? I lived in SD for many years and just admire the Chargers. I mean the Chargers, not the black Chargers, white Chargers or Latino Chargers… Get it, just the Chargers like they are… 🙂

  22. Roy Romo says:

    My family is English,Irish,Mexican,Spanish and German. When I went to Korea during the war, I went as an American Serviceman. When I came back, I came back as an American veteran. I don’t know what the big deal is with all this hype. Don’t you all know what is an American?

  23. juan rdz says:

    actually, tony romo’s real name is Anthony Romo. Its common to go from anthony to tony but that isnt considered changing your name. I read an article in the Houston newpaper and his grandparents are from Coahuila. (thats a state in mexico for those who didnt know). So he is considered mexican american. Not italian

  24. Ted Sanchez says:

    What about Luis Castillo who plays with the Chargers ?

  25. Irene Romo says:

    Thank you very much Juan for that information. I’ve been searching for this information. My father lives in Mexico and I’m Mexican American 1st generation. It gives me a great pleasure to know there is a Mexican American in the NFL that is awesome and is doing great. I would love to see a story or a documentary on Romo with deep deep information on his roots. The other day on Sunday, I watched on the NFL sports channel, they were talking about Romo. Who is Romo? I was expecting to hear more on his family’s background. My last name is Romo and it is not very common. My dad said that my great grandparents where from Spain. I would love to acquire more information on Romo’s background. My understanding is: If you are born in Mexico you are a Mexican. If you are born in the United States you are an American. If your parents were born in Mexico that makes you a Mexican American.

  26. Mario Longoria says:

    I wish to address this commentary to Roy Romo above. Mr. Romo, your “American” comment is well taken but incomplete in its intent. Actually anyone born in the Americas, which icludes Canada, U.S., Mexicao, Central and South America are “Americans.” You use the term “American” in the political sense and is discriminatory to any and all Americans who are not Anglo-American. We, meaning Mexicanos, know what an American is…while others do not. I am proud of my Mexican ancestry and do not have a problem identifying other Mexicanos in business, sports, education and other fields who succeed in their endeavors. In my opinion, its a matter of humanity and goodwill to others that dictates who I am and what I believe in. Unfortunately, “American” is a divisive and negative term that is overused and mis-applied.

  27. Eddie Garza says:

    All I can say is, “How bout them Cowboys”.

    Go Dallas!

    Go Tony!

    Go Antonio Ramiro.

    • Johnny Romo Perez says:

      well first off om related to Antonio Ramiro (Tony Romo)…… no joke. okay so i was with my grandma who is from Agua Caliente,Mexico which is were his parents are from and her last name is Romiro (Romo) and she swears up and down that he is related
      nut think about it…. she was born in Agua Caliente and His parents are born from the and Her last Name is Romo and His last anem is Romo
      PLUS!!! he is hispanic and looks like my Tio

  28. wiley Cuetara says:

    To much is made of Tony Romo being mexican. No one that met him in the street would think of him being mexican. What a lot of people overlook when talking of people that hail from mexico is that a lot of them are “spanish’ AND ARE MEXICAN ONLY BECASE they may have been born there or their parents came from there. A Eurupean of german, inglish, french, or irish decent once established as an american does not have a hypynated ethic identification, why does Romo need one. I think Romo is “american” period.

  29. Eddie Garza says:

    I agree Wiley, if one is born here, one is American. I was born here, so were my parents. I am of Mexican descent, but I consider myself an American. My kids have American names. I once had a Caucasian lady tell me why hadn’t named my kids with Mexican names like Pablo or Miguel, to which I replied, this is America. I then asked her “Where are your ancestors from?” to which she stated, “From Germany”, I asked here what their names were and they were Americanized names. I asked her why he hadn’t named her kids Adolph or Wilhelm. She just gave me a dirty look and moved on. In this country Caucasians think they were here first and everyone else is an immigrant when in fact the only true Americans are the native Indians who are really getting the bad end of the deal. JMHO

    Happy New Year!

    Peace and love to all.

    • Johnny Romo Perez says:

      Im with you…. alot of racist people always tell me to go back to the boarder and get lost wet back
      well first i was born in El Paso and moved to colorado.. and the truth is that colorado was mexico in the fisr place so i tell them to get there bitch asses back across the ocean
      the call me wt back because we crossed a river
      i call them Dip because they cross an ocean

  30. Candy Garcia says:

    Hello to everyone! First of all, I am Mexican-American, BOTH, of my parents are mexican. Tony Romo is NOT considered mexican-american, he is only half mexican, he looks white. Even though he is half he’s not considered mexican or mexican- american. Anyway, who cares whether he’s half or not, don’t make a big deal out of it. It is pretty cool that he HAPPENS to be half. That’s all I have to say about that, period. You all have a great New Year’s Eve!! Good luck Tony, whatever you do, we all love you here in Texas!!

  31. wiley cuetara says:

    Thanks Eddie. My grandparents were born in the province of Esturias Spain and migrated here. My mother was born in Texas. My father,s father came from Mexico and is mostly of Indian ancestry while his mother was born in Texas and is all indian (tejas). What do I consider myseslf? If I say Mexican, I am not truely acknowledging my spanish roots ( which I am in the majority). IF I say Hispanic, I am denying my indian heriage. what I am is Mestizo which is what the majority of all so called Mexican/hispanic/latino people walking around are whose ancesters hailed from Mexico or central American. So when I am asked what I am, I tell them I am American of spanish and indian (Aztec/tejas) descent. Being called Hispanic doesn’t really describe your heritage unless you are of pure spanish blood (from Spain). In the final analysis, we are all pround of the blood type that runs through our veins but the main thing is to fell like that german lady that although she knew she was of german descent, she thought of herself as American and like Eddie to make her realize that people of spanish/indian descent are just as american as she felt she was. Go Romo, and whip up on those Seahawks then we can go to Chicago or NO and clean up on them too.

  32. Candy Garcia says:

    What the gentleman said up above is very confusing, please don’t make everything complicated.

    • Andy Nunez says:

      And you are making things TOO simple. And what is with the, “he is only half mexican, he looks white” …? So what he is a light-skin, half Mexican. Why does looking white automatically make him American, or not Mexican-American? It seems you are dismissing his Mexican ethnicity, and focusing on his skin color, or that he passes for being white. Have you been to Mexico and have seen the people down there who are light-skin, or “white?” They are proud to be Mexican. I am a light-skin Mexican-American, 3rd generation. Although I may be mistaken as white, believe me, I correct people immediately because I am proud of my ethnicity and the heritage passed on from my parents.

  33. Gabriel Martinez says:

    Micheal Young of the Texas Rangers is Mexican and even married a Mexican woman….. they named their son Mateo.

    Hall of Famer Ted Williams (yes, that Ted Williams) is also Mexican (moms side).

  34. Gabriel Martinez says:

    Add Jeff Garcia to the NFL list…..

  35. Emilio Hurtado says:

    Roberto Garza is also mexican he is the right guard for the Chicago Bears

  36. Emilio Hurtado says:

    oh and Rolando Cantu is also another mexican, he is a guard for the arizona cardinals. Also i think Tony Gonzalez is also mexican.

  37. J. Romo says:

    My last name is Romo and yes Romo people come from Mexico my grandparents and Tony’s are from the SAME town ( Musquiz) in Coahuila.. and not because its in Mexico it Mexican.. Romo is actually an Italian lastname.. and yes he look white.. every Romo from Musquiz look white.. most blonde like myself and my father.. and blue or green eyes..

  38. vinny heranndez-garibay says:

    Romo is an italian surname! It was the church who named the children with saint names or the persons who sponsored the child took the last name. So just because you have a italian name doesnt make you ITALIAN. One clue? Check the mirrior. Tony Romo? is half mexican? What makes him half mexican? Is his mom white/anglo? If she is mexican too? doesnt make him “HALF MEXICAN” I dont look “mexican” either w/green eyes…………yet my mom and dad are Mexican born yet white too. Does that make me “HALF MEXICAN”? Antonio Romo or Tony if you read this? Be proud no need to wave a mexican flag to be Mexican. Just be yourself = D

  39. yo tenia un tio que se llmaba anotnio romo y su hermano gemelo felix romo… mi tio tony fue a la guerra de korea… no se si tenga que ver algo con el jajaja

  40. What about Heisman Trophie winners? there was this baller name Duarte who played QB for Notre Dame back in the 50’s, he went to High School in California. I think he was mexican.

    Eric Croush Heisman Trophie winner Nebraska half mexican(mother)

    But the FUTURE OF BALLERS not just LATINOS but in the whole GAME, former High School Phenom QB MARK SANCHEZ, full MEXICANO 2nd Generation who is just waiting for his chance at USC…….He’s just a sophmore, this kid was the # 1 High School player in the Nation 3 years ago.

    ROMO is just paving the way for this kid.

    There’s nothing you can do, this is the Raza’s Social Conscious working at its best.
    As a Chicano, yes it matters the he is Mexican American because now every little Mexican American /Mexican that never could relate of being a NFL SUPERSTAR, can now dream and be inspired, they have a role model now…

    East Los
    Keeping it Real
    I still dislike Terrel Owen

  41. Roy Romo says:

    According to 1800 and early 1900 passenger records of arrivals at Ellis Island, New York named Romo with country of residence:
    Finland 22
    Italy 20
    France 10
    Spain 7
    Cuba 7
    Mexico 7
    West indies 4
    Austria 3
    Norway 2
    Sweden 1
    England 1
    Russia 1
    Chile 1
    Puerto Rico 1
    Colon 1
    San Francisco 1
    Minnesota 2
    Indianapolis 1

    Go Cowboys !

  42. Regina says:

    Lets not forget that the absolute best Punter in all of College Football is Mexican/American Daniel Sepulveda. A stud kicker with a killer bod. This hottie played Lb before he was a Kicker. Daniel is a 6’3 230 lb hard hitting Punter from Baylor drafted by the Steelers.Daniel will be a major impact player for the Steelers. He has the ability to be the NFL’s, “rookie of the year.” A great athlete, a real class act and a hottie as well. We need more great Mexican/Americans like Daniel Sepulveda!!

  43. René Rangel Sr. says:

    It does not matter if Romo is Italian, Mexican or whatever.. What matters is that he is an American and he is playing for the Dalllas Cowboys. I wish the Best for Him this year! Go Cowboys! From the District of Columbia, Good Luck in 2007!

  44. Eric Pedrego says:

    It does matter, and it will always matter. Its the simple fact that kids today need know that their are people like them (Mexican, Mexican-American, Hispanic, Latino or anything else you want to call it) who made it in an industry (in this case sports) where a last name is all you can see on a jersey to identify someone as one of them, it gives you a sense of belonging, it means that if they can do it, so can I. People (Americans-US) now days seem to believe that its okay to identify Mexicans as illegal’s, but yet want sports stars or successful individuals to be identified as ONLY American, but you cant be a pimp and a prostitute at the same time, so when a Latin person does well he should be use as an example for others to aspire to such levels. Kids need to hear both sides of there heritage story not just the side that leaves an negative impression. Remember the USA is where we live but it doesn’t make us who we are. America is a melting pot, not a heritage eraser, we need to hold on to all of our good qualties even though they make us different.

  45. Rolando Vela says:

    Yes it’s great to have an hispanic in the spotlight doing the things Romo is accomplishing but he is not the first nor will he be the last. There are currently a whole bunch of hispanics in the NFL. Here are a list of some,(alot are currently rookies) Manny Ramirez, Lions-guard, Joe Fernandez Seahawks-WR, Mauricio Lopez Eagles-tackle, Glenn Martinez Broncos-WR, Buck Ortega Browns-Tightend, Robert Ortiz Seahawks-WR, Ramon Guzman Colts-Linebacker, Matt Gutierrez Pats-QB, Anthony Herrera Vikings-guard, Oscar Lua Pats-linbacker, Olindo Mare Saints-kicker, Salamon Solano Lions-DT, Elliot Vallejo Cardinals-Tackle, Luis Castillo-Chargers, (3 Gonzales’s) Tony Gonzalez Chiefs-TE, Anthony Gonzalez, Kiki Gonzalez tackle, Hankton Cortez-Vikings (this is a current list but there were many before). And how about all the others who happen to have English surnames who are half hispanic through their mothers. My point is this is America and there are all kinds of combinations of heritages out there. We should be proud of our heritages but there is alot of other heritages out there that don’t go around saying such as … “Yeah that was Brady who made 5 touchdown passes with 389 yrds last week, and by the way he is Irish” or whatever he might be. We should proudly tell ourselves, our families, our kids, but lets not the whole world. But then again we are the ones who flash our last names for the world to see on our back windows. Let’s show a little composure. Let Tony and all the future talent do the talking with their stuff.

  46. Diego Velasquez says:

    I think everyone on this website are insecure idiots. Or better yet, people on this web site have what I call “inferiority complex”. Look at the Japanese, they are 5 foot tall black hair and are ugly. Yet, they have one of the most powerful economies in the world. Do you think they are worried about “green eyes, blue eyes and all that other stupid white/Latino ideology? Educate yourselves and quit putting your dreams on other peoples shoulders.

    I am out paz!!!!

  47. Roy Romo says:

    Welcome to the website, Diego. There’s always room for one more.

  48. Won says:

    Hi actually I don’t think latino is a race, there are black, white and Asian latinos. There are people in Mexico who are German, Arabs in Brazil, Japanese in many South American countries. Peru’s last president is of Japanese heritage.

  49. pancho says:

    what about my boy mark sanchez #1 rated quarterback coming out of high school, and is noww with the usc trojans….full mexican and a great guy with a nice personality

  50. carlos says:

    qb jp losman half mexican from moms side…..

  51. Angel Ojeda says:

    I love the COWBOYS they are like the best ever!Me and my dad Love to watch them play I bet you my dad is Tony Romo’s BIGGEST fan,and the Cowboys!


    GO TONY!

    Thas loco!WE LIKE DAT!

  52. Sylvia Guerra says:

    Well it is great to see Tony Romo succeed and making headlines and on the cover of magazines. I had seen his myspace page some months back and I was very disappointed to see that he had his enthicity as Caucasian. Knowing well he is hispanic. His name says it for itself. But for him to go to the extent to put caucasian as his enthicity raises questions for me. Do we have to go to that extent to do that. I looked at his myspace yesterday and I am glad to say it has been changed to Latino. And for alot of Hispanics out there it does matter to us that he is hispanic. He is a great athlete and quarterback and just received his contract for $67 million. But for alot of us who struggle in this world as a minority who I believe have been unnoticed and shadowed for so many years and have not received the kind of respect that has yet to be recieved. But if you have ever heard that saying ” In order to get respect you to earn it” and that is something I believe that Hispanics as a whole are lacking. Uniting together and making things happen. Thats why it is important for someone like Tony Romo as a role model for small children and for hispanics in general to show them it can happen no matter what nationality you are. His life is an inspiration thus far. So if we unite as a whole then there will be more role models like Tony Romo to show this country it can be done.

  53. Al Davis says:

    I read that Tony Romo is 1/2 Mexican, 1/4 Italian and 1/4 Irish. What confuses me is because he is part Mexican he is considered Latino. Latina is a city in Italy and the Latin people come from southern Italy around Rome. So, wouldn’t he be considered Latino because he is part Italian? The original Latin people called Spain “Hisania”, hence the term Hispanic or from Spain, this would be more suiting for a Mexican than Latino. Anyway, he is the best thing to happen to the Cowboys, because frankly he keeps TO in line!

  54. Manny Ace says:

    What do you call a Mexican that happens to be Jewish, or Italian or Polish or Russian?
    How much ignorant can we be. There are Mexican that happens to be whites, Indians and mestizos and even black. The United States is not the only country that Europeans have immigrated.
    Actually, currently Argentina (as total percentile of the population) is more European (white) than the United States.

  55. RK says:

    Mr. Johnson,

    I can’t believe that you could be that ignorant to actually believe what you wrote in this post, so I am going to assume that you are letting your political views interfere with common sense. First of all, Tony Romo is as about as white as anyone be as you can see from looking at him or looking at how he describes himself. Second, the fact that Romo has a father from Mexico hardly makes him “Hispanic” as the term is used in the United States. In the United States, “Hispanic” is a racialized term used to be describe persons who are either American Indian or mestizo, the predominant racial groups in Mexico and Central America. (If Hispanic was not a de facto race for brown-skinned Indians and mestizos, how could police and American society in general routinely describe people as “Hispanic” based on physical appearance alone?) As the Mexico Genome project shows, Mexican DNA markers are on average about 65% American Indian in DNA. Romo and his father obviously come from the small Mexican elite of Spanish or other European ancestry whose ancestors conquered and enslaved most of the ancestors of people we describe as “Hispanic” in the United States. Saying that Romo is the same race or ethnicity as the people routinely describes as “Hispanic” in the united States is the same as saying that German Nazis and German Jews were of the same ethnicity because they were both “Germans”. It might technically be true, but is the exact opposite of racial reality. At any rate, Romo is white on both his mother and father’s side even if you want to use a technical definition of “Hispanic”.

  56. Einstein says:

    Mr. Johnson,

    You’ve done a poor job of framing your argument. Further, your ascertions lack scholarly credibility. It is ostensible that you have misinterpreted the meaning of the data you’ve cited. Point of fact: the Mexican genome project does not suggest that 65% of the Mexican population has purely indigenous DNA. Rather it suggests that of the entire Mexican gene pool sixty five percent of it contains DNA that has indigenous attributes. Mr. Romo may have a greater percentage of old world DNA; only a test of his DNA would shed light on this. However, since his father is from Mexico, it is improbably that he has zero indigenous DNA. Now as far as a Mexican elite, I believe you have your facts wrong. There is no statistically significant Mexican subpopulation, an “elite’ if you will, that inbreeds (similar to European royalty) and thus has zero indigenous DNA, that is unless such a subpopulation is operating far beneath the radar. There is no such record of such a population. Although, I’m certain you could find a handful of recent immigrants to Mexico that do not have indigenous heritage. The vast majority of Mexicans (even the ones you would consider “white”) have at least a modicum of indigenous DNA. Hence, it’s a question of degree, not all-or-none. What I am suggesting is that Mr. Romo does indeed have what you have disparagingly labeled “Hispanic” DNA. The only question is to what degree he has “Hispanic” or rather indigenous DNA. Lastly, I was unable to locate a definition of Hispanic that in any way resembles your definition: “is a racialized term used to be describe persons who are either American Indian or mestizo…” If you’re seeking to prove your point to a knowledgable public, supply concrete evidence that supports your argument, such that an acutely insufficient quantity of evidence combined with a shrewd and ambiguous use of language lacks good form and will not garner support from those in the know.


    RL M.S. Biology

  57. Einstein says:

    Please redirect my last message to RK not Mr. Johnson.

  58. Einstein says:


    BTW, aproximately on third of white Americans, which equates to roughly 75 million people, have from 2-20% admixture of Native American and/or African.

    Human skin tone is an inadequate method for quantifying ethnic origins.

  59. PEDRO MARIN JR says:

    I was born here in the US. My father was born in mex. my mother was born in the us but has mex parents. i consider myself mexican american. i did play sports growing up , footbal and basebal. im a huge fan of the dallas cowboys ever since i was 5. to see somebody play like t. romo is something that us mexican americans can brag about.i think tony romo is one of the best q backs to ever play the game. i look forward to him breaking records because i know he can do it . he is mexican american in my book. my father is from nuevo leon. his father i believe is from coahuila. there practily next to each other.anyways, romo rocks. GO COWBOYS!!!!!!

  60. cowboys4ever says:

    I feel the same way Pedro.

    Tony is having a great year, lets hope TO doesnt blow that for us.

    Go Boys

    Cowboys Chris
    Tony Romo fan.

  61. andy says:

    I cheer Tony Romo because he is and American of Mexican Descent.

    Every time I turn on the TV I see mexicans being blamed for everything from crime to global warming.

    It is nice to see an american of mexican descent do good.

    Heres some more latino legends for you:
    James W. “Jim” Plunkett-quaterback
    Anthony Munoz-offensive linemen
    Tom Flores-quaterback-head coach
    Jeff Garcia-quaterback
    Tony Romo-quaterback
    Ron Rivera-Linebacker
    zeke moreno-linbacker
    jp losman-quaterback
    Max montoya-defensive lineman
    Tom Fears-wide receiver
    Joe Kapp-quaterback

    Baseball players
    Hank Aguirre – MLB All-Star pitcher
    Mel Almada – MLB outfielder
    Armando Almanza – MLB player pitcher
    Abe Alvarez – MLB pitcher
    Rubén Amaro, Jr. – MLB outfielder
    Frank Arellanes – Second Mexican American MLB player
    Rod Barajas – MLB catcher
    Jorge Cantu – MLB infielder[1]
    Mark Carreon – MLB first baseman
    Cam Carreon – MLB catcher
    Vinny Castilla – MLB third baseman, 3 time All-Star
    Eric Chavez – MLB third baseman, 6 time Gold Glove Award winner
    Chad Cordero – MLB relief pitcher
    Pat Corrales – MLB player, manager, and coach
    Johnny Estrada – MLB catcher[2]
    Andre Ethier – MLB outfielder.
    Jesse Flores – MLB pitcher
    Brian Fuentes – MLB relief pitcher, 3 time All-Star[3]
    Yovani Gallardo – MLB pitcher
    Mike Garcia – MLB pitcher, 3 time All-Star, World Series winner
    Nomar Garciaparra – MLB shortstop, 6 time All-Star[4]
    Matt Garza – MLB pitcher[5]
    Lefty Gomez – MLB pitcher, Member of The Baseball Hall of Fame[6]
    Luis (Lou) Gomez – MLB infielder
    Adrian Gonzalez- MLB first baseman
    Bob Greenwood – MLB pitcher
    Eddie Guardado- MLB pitcher, two time All-Star[7]
    Gerald Laird- MLB catcher[8]
    Adam LaRoche- MLB first baseman
    Andy LaRoche- MLB infielder baseman[9]
    Albie Lopez- MLB pitcher[10]
    Buck Martinez- MLB player, manager, and commentator
    Sid Monge- MLB relief pitcher, All Star
    Carlos Muniz- MLB relief pitcher
    Vincent Nava – First Mexican American player in the Major Leagues, infielder
    Jesse Orosco – MLB pitcher, 2 time All-Star, most career games pitched leader
    Jorge Orta- MLB second baseman, two time All-Star
    Russ Ortiz – MLB pitcher[11]
    Manny Parra- MLB pitcher
    Oliver Perez – New York Mets Pitcher
    Omar Quintanilla – MLB player, shortstop
    Horacio Ramirez – Pitcher[12]
    Rudy Regalado- MLB infielder
    Anthony Reyes- MLB pitcher
    Rich Rodriguez (L.H. pitcher) – MLB pitcher
    Freddy Sanchez – MLB infielder, Batting Champ, 2 time All-Star.
    José Silva – MLB pitcher
    Mike Torrez – MLB player pitcher
    Fernando Valenzuela – former MLB pitcher, Cy Young Award winner.
    Fernando Vina – MLB second baseman, All-star, Gold Glove winner
    Ted Williams – MLB left fielder and legend, Hall of Fame[4]
    Michael Young – Shortstop, batting champion, All-Star game MVP[13]
    Joel Zumaya – MLB pitcher

    Martial artists
    Paul Buentello – UFC, mixed martial arts
    Nathan Diaz – mixed martial artist
    Nick Diaz – UFC / mixed martial arts[24]
    Roger Huerta – UFC, mixed martial arts
    Ruby Lopez – Taekwondo
    Steven Lopez – Taekwondo, 2 time Gold medalist, the most decorated taekwondo athlete in the history of the sport
    Tito Ortiz – UFC / mixed martial arts
    Diego Sanchez – UFC / mixed martial arts[24]
    Frank Shamrock – UFC / Mixed martial arts fighter

  62. Dr John Chambers says:

    Jessica Simpson is staying away from her football star boyfriend Tony Romo’s big game on Sunday, because she fears she will jinx him.

    Quarterback Romo’s Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants in a crucial play-off match. The winner takes a step closer to the Super Bowl in Arizona on February 3.

    Romo has under-performed when Simpson has been cheering him from the stands — so much so, his teammates joked that she should stay away.

    And they are getting their wish on Sunday. Her spokesperson Cindy Berger tells the New York Post, “She is not attending. She is working on a new album. She will be watching from home and cheering him on.”

    Music to most Cowboys Fans.

    Dr John Chambers
    Beverly Hills Dental Spa since 1985.

  63. stephanie says:

    The article states that Romo is a second generation Mexican American. He is not, he is THIRD generation. His grandfather was first generation, the father was second and Tony is third. Whether it seems logical or not, that is the way it is counted.

  64. Rico says:

    Usually, it’s Hispanics who think that someone with a vowel at the end of their surname is automatically Latino.

    Romo may be Mexican but he looks and acts Italian. If he isn’t, an Italian like Joe Montana would have come through against the Giants.

    As it stands, Romo still has huge potential. But he is 0 and 2 in the playoffs and doesn’t have the pass protection in the pocket to win when it counts.

    And that’s not his fault. The Cowboys simply have to step up and a build a better offensive line to give him more time to throw.

    He’s a one of a kind scrambler. So was Kenny Stabler and Fran Tarkenton. Both are in the Hall Of Fame. But only one of them won it all.

  65. Dom says:

    Did it ever occur to proud fans claiming him as their own that Italians have immigrated to Mexico and that while Romo hails from Mexico he may have Italian blood?

    Agentina has an Italian population. And so does Brazil. Romo is white. So genetically his true ancestral roots ultimately lie in the old country in Europe, not Mexico.

  66. cholo says:

    hey ive been telling all myboys at work that this man tony romo was of mexican descent. than you

  67. cholo says:

    sorry to burst you bubble but last time i checked italians where not white but lited under latino in the us census and yes the place in mexico where many many italians live is in the state of michoacan the towns name is Nuevo Italia wich means new Italy. but sorry this dude is mexican.

  68. R. Romo says:

    Remember Geography 101, Mexico is a North America country; consequently anyone born in Mexico is a North American.

  69. Did anyone see what Rush Limbaugh said about USC Quarterback Mark Sanchez?

    “Now this. Mark Sanchez is not known for using good judgment. Last week he got his first start against Notre Dame. He’s been waiting over two years for that day. You’d think he’d be focused on winning the game. Maybe he was, SC won the game. But, oddly, Sanchez split his loyalty on that day. He arrived with a mexican flag mouthpiece. It was a slap in the face to many Americans that died to perserve this country. It was also a slap in the face to those who contributed money to USC for his education (over $100,000) and to those who currently or previously wore the USC uniform. The football field is not a place to make political statements. Could you imagine the outcry if a Kentucky player arrived with KKK written on his mouthpiece. We need to keep college football and politics separated”

    What a tool Rush is.

    • Leo Aleman says:

      How could he compare the KKK a hate group to a man’s heritage. I have talked to middle school dropouts that seem more educated than that man who talks on the radio

  70. M.R. says:

    Tony Romo is Mexican-American. that is his ethnicity and heritage. His race is probably Caucasoid, i.e. white.

    Many of you are ignorant to think that where you’re from is your race. In actuality there are only 5 human races, Australoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Caucasoid, and the Khoisan peoples of Africa who are not categorized as Negroid.

    Because of human nature though, we, as humans, have interbred and created many different variations of these races. It would require a massive amount of time and probably money to figure out what Tony Romo’s actual “race” is.

    The whole lot of you just need to get over his race and praise the individual for his hard earned success.



  71. Einstein says:


    You need to recheck your sources. The use of the terms Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid and Australoid is archaic and was always, at best, highly controversial within the anthropologic community. Modern classification of humans is considerably more complex, and considers, among other characteristics, genetic variation and culture, etc., but moreover, there is little agreement. Sorry, there are no simple answers when it comes to classifying the human race.


    You know that the Moors invaded Southern Italy, so if you’re correct, that makes Romo of Arab or Berber descent, with a Muslin religious heritage. Beautiful, isn’t it?


    You are correct; Rush is a complete moron. No rational person would compare the KKK to being proud of one’s Mexican heritage. I guess, when Irish Americans celebrate St. Patty’s day, they are being racists. We really need to learn to celebrate our differences.

  72. Suprised at your leve of ignorance. says:

    WOW. You honestly are THAT ignorant? Or are you just playing the dumb card for the sake of this blog?

    Do you not know that there are latinos that ARE caucasian? IE: cubans and argentines, et al who are of Gallic descent.


    Oh, BTW, there are black latins too. Oh the shock.

    Please “edumacate” yourself.

  73. georgi says:

    just checked his myspace page and he has changed his ethnicity to latino/hispanic. so there.

  74. lina says:

    If he’s white , then I think he’s of European descent.And Italians immigrate to Mexico,too.So there is possibility that he has Italian origin.Most of the Argentines are white because they’re of European descent (Italian, Spanish…)

  75. […] Generation mexican American, to be exact. Could be become the Greatest NFL Latino Baller ever? Videos: Good times with my mexican hombre, lol by The CoolGood times with my mexican […]

  76. R. Romo says:

    We would not be having this controversy if the American Indians would have had a strict immigration policy.

  77. Veronica says:

    Not everyone who is Latino is of Mexican heritage. I happen to be light skinned and consider myself a Mexican-American.
    People say I look “Puerto Rican”, whatever that means…

  78. Dear Mr. Johnson, I read your blog on Tony Romo for the first time today.I understand that this particular blog is perhaps more than a year old. I want to congratulate you on a well written blog, but also offer some constructive criticism that may or may not help you in the future. Not being a journalist, I cannot speak with journalistic knowledge, I can only speak from the heart.
    First criticism, you call Romo a HWBIA and then you say he is not White, but that he claims to be White/Caucasian. That is not a “claim “, that’s a reality.Hispanics and Latinos are composed of two races, the White Spaniard, the Spanish and American Indian mix, both of these are Caucasian, and the Spanish and Black mix which is classified as Black,such as some Cubans and Puerto Ricans, mind you some Cubans and Puerto Ricans are also Caucasians.
    Another criticism which I think is valid is why do you call the Hall of Famers that you list in your blog ” Mexican Ballers “, since they are all Mexican Americans? Would you call you call QB Reinhart, late of USC a German Baller or Brett Favre a French Baller, what’s with this stereotype trying to make foreigners out of native American born citizens.
    Let me let you in to some history. Mexican Americans are the only Ethnic group that can claim real American Roots, because our ancestors, the American Indians were already here before the Spanish came. no one else can make that claim,not the British not the French, not the Dutch,not the Germans nor the African American. So please cease and desist calling Mexican Americans Mexicans because they are the only group that have historical ties to America. thank you for reading my comments and keep up the good work, Respectfully Yours, Lino.G. Martinez,Sr.from Austin, Texas.

  79. Jeronimo Barborosa says:

    First of all, let me make it clear, Mexicans are not the only ones who can truly claim american roots, check your facts. This continent was inhabited thousands of years by indingenous groups that were not called mexicans. The Olmecs were here before the mayans, and aztecs. The olmecs were considered black people, with african or negro descent…Olmecs were breeding with indingenous indian tribes prior to the spanish. Check you facts Mr Martinez sr. Africans or those with Negro descent were on the Americas prior to the spanish(Being the Olmecs). You call your self a mexican american, why not call yourself, AMERICAN. you claim that you and your people have the only true claim. These continents are old, way older than the word Mexican. i spent twelve years living in Oaxaca, the Yucatan studying the spanish influence in mexico.Mexican roots are found in spain, africa, and with the indiginous tribes who were here. the only group who can claim to be true americans are the tribes of the amazon(Yanamomo tribe, and their descendents. They are directly connected to native americans.

  80. Hector gomez says:

    First of, Mark Sanchez is half Jewish. Tony romo is more italian than Mexican. His Great Great grandfather came to america and married a white woman, then had his half white grandfather who married another white woman,then his Father who is a 1/4 mexican married a white woman. The only thing that is Hispanic about romo is the name, and that is mostly italian.

    • JJR says:

      lol, are you just making stuff up as you go along? because you’re completely wrong on all points. sanchez is full mexican, third generation. Tony Romo isnt even italian and his father is full mexican. he’s actually more mexican than anything else because his mother’s ancestry is a mix of different european nationalities.

      • fsds says:

        Again, “Mexican” is a nationality just like American and Canadian. It is not a race or even an ethnicity. The only “full mexicans” would be the 100% Indios living in Southern Mexican states like Oaxaca.

  81. Jon Ortiz says:

    Mr Andy, Jeff Garcia is not of mexican descent, his family is from portugal. from the list of athletes on your list, the only one that is truly mexican, is Anthony Munoz, and he wasnt that good. he never played a complete season due to bad knees. Max Montoya is from samoan descent. stick with soccer… Castillo from the chargers, is italian…

    • Aleman says:

      Anthony Munoz was not that good?lmao!!! 11 pro bowls not that good?!?! I’m not even gonna talk about the rest of his comments. I think I’ve seen enough to know he doesn’t know what he’s talking about

    • jessie s. says:

      castillo was born in the dominican republic,he was raised in new jersey.

  82. David89 says:

    Actually Jeff Garcia is half-Mexican, not Portuguese. And Romo is not a Italian last name. I suggest you get educated before putting stupid comments here.

  83. Matt says:

    What about the Chiefs Tony G????

  84. JJ says:

    @Geronimo Barbosa

    You are completely clueless. The olmecs did NOT arrive to Mexico from Africa. There is no evidence to suggest that either except for the one falsely created by Afrocentrist Ivan Sertima. He’s considered a laughing stock and is not taken seriously by Mesoamerican anthropologists.

  85. JJ says:

    I don’t know why people have a problem accepting the fact that Romo is half Mexican. They seem to bend over backwards in order to white wash his ancestry. His grandparents are mestizos just like the typical Mexican. People have to get used to it, it’s not all the uncommon in the southwest as Mexicans have resided there before the first American set foot there. Another half Mexican/White Texas athlete that people may be unaware of is baseball player Matt Young.

  86. JJ says:

    *MICHAEL Young not Matt ^^^^

  87. Aleman says:

    What seems funny to me is how people want to get mad about some athlete acknowledging his Latino roots or making a big deal about it. But no one cried about all the hype over the 2 black head coaches in the superbowl 2 yrs ago. Or how tiger is always referred to as a black golfer. Isn’t he half Asian? I’ve never heard him referred to as an Asian golfer hmmm

  88. Bill says:

    what would happen if the republicans had nomimated a mexican for the supreme court? he would be called stupid, sexist, racist, and even an illegal alien.

  89. adri says:

    There are so many people here who assume because Tony Romo looks “white” then he must NOT be of true indigenous Mexican indian blood and must be Italian or Spanish. Someone even said that his father must be Spanish for him to be that white. Before making ignorant comments and assuming things, please educate yourselves. Have any of you seen pictures of his father and grandparents? I have and they are dark skinned mestizos. People mixed with pure Mexican indian blood whether they are half Mexican or Mexican on both sides can look “white”.

  90. john says:

    Romo is originally an Italian name, you tools. Besides, what’s the big deal? Is he supposed to walk around waving a Mexican flag? The only ones who seem to be mad are the Latinos. Nobody else cares.

  91. The Truth says:

    You people who only have one mexican parent and claim to be 100% latino are real twits. The same goes for you retards who have both mexican parents and claim to be mexican, although you were born in the USA. The only people being breainwashed are you by your racist parents who came to this great nation to freeload and leech off of us. There’s nothing good about being latino, especially a mexican. Mexico is the armpit of North America. You should be proud to be an American and admit you’re American. And who cares about where his ancestors are from ? He wouldn’t be half the athlete he is if it wasn’t for living in the USA. Just look at mexico’s performance in sports. Not only do people make a big fuss about having athletes born of 2 mexican parents… but now they’re making an even bigger stink about when an athlete is half beaner. That’s just stupid. Mexican isn’t even a race. It’s a simple nationality. Not a good one, either. But if you beaners and wetbacks wanna be proud for nothing, that’s your problem. If it be full mexican, half mexican, full mexican-American, half mexican-American or whatever part mexican you might be… you’ll still never be as great as a 100% WHITE AMERICAN !!!!! This a WHITE AMERICAN’S world… the rest are just pawns in it. I AM discriminant and a PROUD racist because I belong to a PURE superior race. So suck on that, all you bias and self-righteous beaners…

  92. The Truth says:

    Fuck mexico. I wipe my ass with your flag.

  93. Regina says:

    Daniel Sepulveda’s dad is 2nd gen Mexican/American and his mom is white or a Anglo/American. Daniel considers himself white and not Latino. Daniel also considers himself first and formost an American and not a Mexican!!

  94. Ewan says:

    Hi Guys

    Check it out: Versace, Emporio Armani, Dolce

  95. Jack says:

    Joe Kapp was New Mexican not Mexican. Big Difference to those of us from NM.

  96. VicMan says:

    Maybe some of those guys in your lists are not only mexican descent they would be mixed with another Hispanic heritage for example Raffi Torres a NHL his father is peruvian and his mother mexican but He was born in Canada. Tony Gonzales of the Atlanta Falcons has Portorrican peruvian from his father side and his mother was cape verdian ( african )

  97. jessie s. says:

    who cares,he sucks any way.

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  99. How are Blacks Latins?

  100. Many thanks for your helpful information. You figure out something regularly.

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  102. Calvert says:

    good site. many thanks for this excellent posting. i be thankful lots.

  103. […] Romo Rallied America’s Team While Playing With a Fractured Rib.Tony Romo: Cowboys Vs. Jets ScoreTony Romo: Uno Caliente Hombrevar switchTo5x=true;stLight.options({publisher:'wp.c273f85e-f3c0-47d4-9743-98be31adfc15'});var […]

  104. Keith Hartman-Cruz says:

    You guys that are making rude racial comments are dumb. We are all human. Im mixed with Mestizo (apache-spanish/mexican), Jewish, English, Russian, Basque-French, Morrocan & Chinese WTF does that make me O right a Human Being & IM proud!! You should see my family reunions looks like the United nations!! Everyone is mixed no matter what you say take a DNA test I dare you find out the truth but I bet your to scared so sad & pathetic!! Romo is Mexican-American so what do you have to hate on that he admits it & is proud of his culture!!

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